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John Gloster-Smith  

Life coach John Gloster-Smith

Life coaching to live mindfully

Powerful and positive life coaching to apply mindfulness in your everyday life

Through my life coaching you can bring a mindful approach to your everyday life

  • The easier bit is to learn the techniques

  • The harder bit is to actually live mindfully in your everyday life

  • Managing your restless mind; letting go of being negative; keeping your focus; staying on track; walking your talk

    Bring greater calm, focus, and contentment into your life

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    My life coaching helps you live mindfully every day

    Develop skill in self-awareness

    See what's really going on that gets in your way in your life

    Discover how to really let go and make better choices

    Notice and deal with how your ego disrupts your life

    Build your skill in being authentically mindful

    Learn how to be genuinely centred and calm and be able to act and interact with power and respect

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    Life Coaching

    Sunrise in the East - the Lot valley in France

    We each of us have within us a still, calm, contented centre of being

    Use life coaching to develop your own inner calm and well-being

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