Awareness of Being

Gain the skills of pure Awareness

Access the real aliveness that comes with true awareness of being

What’s brought you here?

  • Something in your life not working right now?
  • Want to make changes?
  • Looking for new skills to manage your life better?
  • Need to find a way to make your life and relationships more fulfilling?
  • Know and be who you really are?
Awareness is like a fresh new dawn - sunrise

Awareness is like a fresh new dawn

You are not alone! Our lives are going through enormous uncertainty, upheaval and change. People are massively anxious and restless. All is in flux. Yet we fear what might happen. We need guidance, and the power to make it all work for us.

When all is unclear and uncertain, now is the time to seek inside to find and unlock the resources you have to make it truly work for you.

A skilled mentor and coach can help you find and see what you cannot see yourself

Take authentic control

I teach and coach people to develop their own powers of Awareness

  • How to get off the treadmill of our lives – to stop being caught up in the racket
  • The ability to see what’s really going on – as opposed to what you think it is
  • How to step back and truly observe – rather than be the prisoner of your life drama
  • To see more directly into yourself and your life and know more of who you really are – authentically
  • How to connect with your own centre of inner peace and calm
  • Where being present connects you with Presence – that which lies beyond “being in the moment”
  • To live life from your Centre of Presence – and no longer be the prisoner of the Ego

How can you get some of all this?

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“The true value in working with John lies in the connections he brings out between one’s deeper relationships, both with others and (more importantly) with oneself, and practical, ‘real world’ outcomes.”

“Thank you for all your help – (it) was wonderful and has made a hugely positive and lasting impression on me. I can’t thank you enough.”

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