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I help people who are stuck or at a crossroads in their lives to create a far more fulfilling life

In reality it matters much less where you come from than what’s happening now, your desire to create a positive change, and your willingness to commit and put in the time and effort to make it happen.

Helping you grow

Helping you grow and develop is my specialism based on a wide background in learning and development.

I am a Master Results Coach, a certified NLP Master Practitioner and a Member of the Association for Coaching. 

I hold a BA (2:1) and Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from Oxford University. I first worked in education to a senior level and then in the organisational and personal learning and development field, facilitating many workshops and working with many private and business clients.

Currently I help a small number of people on a project basis.


Thus I bring to what I do the following areas:

  • Techniques to facilitate awareness and insight by helping people to be “in the moment” and thus draw out potential choices people didn’t previously know they had. I can draw on a lot of knowledge and experience from have trained extensively in Gestalt Therapy, Transpersonal psychology, NLP, and CBT, particularly at Metanoia Institute in London, and from my extensive experience working in the corporate field and with people individually and in personal development groups.
  • A mindfulness approach, especially where people feel under pressure and where this approach can help achieve greater calmness, clarity, focus, and confidence and make better choices. You can get more skilled at stepping back from what’s going on, be more centred in who you are, use clearer awareness to see what’s really happening, let go of what’s not working, be more in-the-moment, become more resilient, and more connected to others, and bring others with you if you are a leader. This expertise comes from Gestalt but also having attended many mindfulness-based meetings and teachings and having personally practiced meditation for 28 years.
  • NLP techniques and guided visualisation to help you relax, gain insight and greater awareness – and be more positive!AccreditedExeCoach12


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