About this blog

This article is to tell you a bit about this blog, its purpose and where it is coming from


In this blog I’ve been writing about various aspects of self-development in coaching. There is a lot on offer to help coaches train and develop but I think there is a lack of emphasis on their personal development. So this blog is intended by way of working towards filling that gap. However the material covered is as every bit relevant to people in general and so reading this blog can be useful for anybody who is interested. However, there is more of a coaching slant.

For the coach who works with the humanistic/transpersonal spectrum, the awareness and use of self is very important to the service offered. For that we need to be self-aware, to be able to pick up on our own blind spots and not let them get in the way of the work we do. If you work powerfully in the moment and with one’s ongoing process, you need to be able to distinguish between what is your’s and what is not, between something that actually might be an issue in your own life and that which might be relevant to the person you are working with.

To help you on your path

This is also relevant for people in general, which is why the blog is for everybody who is interested. I work a lot with leaders in organisations and for them to be effective it is invaluable to work on themselves, to be open to learning and growing. In fact it goes with the territory. One who leads others needs to know where they get in their own way, and to have skills to step aside from one’s own personal drama in life. There are plenty of testaments to bad leaders, who care not a lot for others, that are focused on results and fail to see how important leading people is to getting those results. As one manager once told me, “I get results but I leave bodies”. Leadership is a people activity par excellence and for that you need emotional intelligence, which is a big focus of this blog.

But we can take this further still. In relationship for example, to know where things go wrong, where your relationships cause you problems, you would benefit from self awareness, from being able to see where you get in your own way. In your life journey you may repeatedly find yourself hitting issues and not know why, or how to better deal with them. To be able to see into yourself and get why it happens and what you can do about it is a powerful gift.

This blog focuses on the key life dramas that occur for people, the key transitions and the key dilemmas, not to make people wrong but to heighten awareness and widen the scope for choice, from which you can develop new more effective strategies to move forward. If your work is to serve others at some level, this material is invaluable.

The approach

The blog’s focus is strongly influenced by the Humanistic/Transpersonal approach. For those who are interested this is very broadly-speaking about human potential, about becoming self aware, taking responsibility and making more effective choices for action in life. It affirms that at some level we are all one, and yet our human experience is to feel separate and isolated to some degree.

Thus you will find the content invites you to notice, to become aware, of your own process, of how you operate and what you manifest, often out of awareness, and about making choices to take control and have things be different and more fulfilling, more expressive of Who you really Are.

I hope you find it useful.

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