Building self confidence can mean building self belief

Self belief is often at the core of work one might do for building self confidence.

When things don’t seem to be working out, or when we doubt our capability, or in other ways don’t feel up to it, we can doubt ourselves in some way. It can go to the core. When we doubt ourselves, all sorts of things dissolve or don’t work. It’s an incredible self-destruct mechanism. And if others sense we don’t believe in ourselves, then they don’t believe in us. And so the process become self-reinforcing. If others aren’t believing in us, then we think we’re not up to it, so much are we used to measuring ourselves by what others think of us (or we think they think!).

Yet, one clue to change lies in the very word belief. It is of course very powerful, because belief can be deep-rooted, even unconscious. Yet once you root it out, using self awareness, you then know what you are addressing. Awareness is the first key step to change. By noticing it, you are drawing new possibilities to you. The reason why belief is a clue is that beliefs are just that, something we’ve decided or adopted, and therefore something we can change.

One big key is to start with a new, more positive belief, one that you are at least willing to say to yourself even if you don’t believe it. By holding out for a new belief, you can then learn to challenge the old belief and say the new one to yourself. More importantly, it is also to act it out, to take action based on the new belief. “Acting as if” is a powerful positive psychology tool. “Faking it to make it” releases positive chemicals in the body: we’ve shifting the energy around the old pattern, re-wiring the neural pathways, re-orientating our thinking, planning and carrying out new strategies. In Law of Attraction terms, we are lifting the scale of emotions to more positive ones and drawing to us more of what we want.

This is why when we’ve had a bad day, it’s to let go of it, stop thinking about it and resolve to make the next day be different and better. Then we need the will to help us take action in the new direction the next day. This way we build up our recovery mechanisms. OK, there’ll be times when it doesn’t work or we flip back into the old pattern. The key is to train ourselves to let go and recover our momentum.

Self belief can be learned and built up over time. It has to be worked on. The key is to commit and continue working on it. After all, as the saying goes, “you’re worth it”!