Business coaching

Use business coaching to raise your leadership, influence and  results

Helping you to make a success of your business

Having business coaching can be very useful in resolving a problem and moving forward but that’s not the only way a coach is useful. Look for example at those nearing or at the top of their game. They too have a coach. Coaching can help you raise your performance, sustain it and even better it.

How business coaching helps

Using business coaching with me can help you with these sorts of needs

Enhancing leadership, influence and success - an executive
Enhancing leadership, influence and success
  • Building leadership capability
  • Enhancing interpersonal and communication skills
  • Improving stakeholder relationships and engagement
  • Clarifying career goals and taking action to accomplish them
  • Getting the best out of your teams
  • Turning round a relationship with a key person or persons
  • Improving your style and impact
  • Leveraging your soft skills
  • Making your public presentation impressive
  • Raising your performance to the next level
  • Accomplishing and sustaining a promotion
  • Successfully responding to and making the most of change

How would it feel to see these results of your investment?

Where you can really nail the key opportunities and skills that creates the big difference:

Business people at a meeting
Good meeting
  • A major shift in your performance and results
  • A big improvement in one or more key areas of the business
  • Positive feedback from stakeholders and team members
  • Very evident and visible signs of change
  • Considerably enhanced confidence, particularly in areas which were not so good before
  • A much stronger profile
  • Self-feedback chimes with those of others, especially in terms of self awareness
  • Positive results that easily more than justify the investment
  • Career success flowing on from the work you have done

Where I help a lot

I have the advantage of very wide experience and success in supporting people in a very broad range of organisations large and small, across many sectors and thus have a strong familiarity with what it takes to develop people to be successful in business. My key strength is in being able to draw on a wide knowledge and expertise in the “soft skills” of leadership, which is a very widely-experienced need for very many developing business people

    • An accredited Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching, an NLP Master Practitioner and a certified Master Results Coach
    • Highly trained in the psychological technologies of personal growth and change, utilising in particular Gestalt psychology, mindfulness, NLP and emotional intelligence
    • With very wide business and organisational experience, in almost every business setting, and have been both a leader of people myself and a management consultant in personal growth and change
    • Evident too in my testimonials, such as

“John is an excellent coach for senior management posts – he helped me develop my skills and self-awareness to a point where I successfully competed for a very senior post in my organisation. He is easy to work with and helps to produce excellent results.” (SH, Senior Manager, UK Government Department)

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You can use me as your coach for a short, focused series of development work, for ongoing support and for a brief but intensive retreat to make a step-change in your development.

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