Being attached to desire

How much of a part does wanting something or somebody play in your life? How much do you find that what you have isn’t “enough”, that something is missing? I was watching a TV programme about scientists studying a rich tapestry of previously undiscovered species in New Guinea. This was for them a race for time since loggers who are taking down the virgin rainforest were only 20 miles away. They were talking with the owners of this particular patch, villagers who were thinking of selling the wood for £8 a tree (think of those magnificent, gorgeous, beautiful, massive life-giving … Read more

In praise of self awareness

There’s an old expression that says that if you carry on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got. Another one is, if you don’t change direction you’ll end up where you’re headed! The message seems to be, get what’s going on and make a change. You take charge of the situation and make a shift. Fine, provided you get it. The ability to change direction in some area of your life depends in large part on your ability to become aware of what is happening, and to see your part in it. This is … Read more

Being unattached to the outcome

Ever found you’ve wanted someone else to do something for you and despite your efforts he (let’s say) persists in not doing what you ask? You think you’ve made your request pretty plain but what you get back is not what you wanted. Let’s assume the process relies on the other person’s cooperation for things to get done. You push harder and somehow it still doesn’t happen as you want. It seems as though everything, and particularly this person, is conspiring to prevent you getting what you want. Let’s say the day has come to an end and you leave … Read more

To be clear who you are, know your Shadow

Over the summer break, sitting in the garden of our home in South-West France, I was reading Ken Wilber’s recent book, “Integral Spirituality”. It is not easy reading, unless you are familiar with his ideas, but it offers a truly great new perspective of integrating Western scientific materialism with spirituality that gives hope for us all. In it, there is in my view an outstanding chapter on “The Shadow and the Disowned Self”. The Shadow is a term derived from Carl Jung and it is the idea that there are parts of ourselves that we are not aware of, which … Read more