When crisis has meaning

I find it very useful from time to time to re-read books I’ve read before, not necessarily from cover to cover but maybe dip in and out of. I was so re-reading Marianne Williamson’s book “A Return to Love”, based on her teachings from A Course in Miracles. One sentence jumped out for me (it’s full of sentences like that!): “As ministers of God, we let our careers be an expression of our own depth, of what really matters to us. Knowing that we are acting on behalf of a higher purpose than our own self-aggrandizement gives us the joy … Read more

Dark night of the soul

Have you had times when things have been such that you’ve hit prolonged periods of pain, depression or illness? Have there been really hard times in your life when all has seemed to be going against you? Sometimes we hit really low points when we despair or feel utterly stuck and constrained. This is when life seems to close in on us and it appears that this is all we’ve got. Some people call this sort of time a dark night of the soul. The phrase derives from the 16th century Spanish mystic, St John of the Cross, who was … Read more