Connecting to Inner Peace

Connecting to Inner Peace

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An ebook by John Gloster-Smith

Connecting to Inner Peace
Connecting to Inner Peace

Inside each of us is a part that is already complete, contented and joyful. However to cope with life, many of us have blocked it out. In Connecting to Inner Peace, John Gloster-Smith shows you how you can create your own pathway to inner contentment. Using his wide ranging expertise in helping people to fulfil their dreams, and drawing from the teachings of East and West, he outlines a simple and direct approach to inner peace.

Full of ideas, techniques, inspirations and practical approaches, this book explains how to

  • Connect with what you most yearn for in life
  • Utilise the power of awareness
  • Identify when your limiting beliefs are getting in the way
  • Let go of that which does not serve you
  • Know your own Source of inner peace

Intelligent and inspiring, Connecting to Inner Peace is full of wisdom, practical help and useful insights. I like this book very much. It is a really creative synthesis of the best in contemporary spirituality and personal development. Highly recommended.” William Bloom, author of The Endorphin Effect and Soulution: The Holistic Revolution.

John Gloster Smith has produced a beautiful, effective and sensitive manual which will inevitably inspire its readers to awaken their optimism, awareness and connection to the sacred. A welcome addition to the genre.” Malcolm Stern, Psychotherapist and author of Falling in Love, staying in Love.

Published in 2010. ISBN-13: 978-0-9546908-1-6. E-book version (pdf) 200 pages.

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