Desire is reminding us of our disconnection from the Whole

We’ve been exploring the function of desire as an interrupter to our enjoyment of life. It’s a curious one, since we probably frequently think that if only this issue was resolved or that event happened, or that person did something, or stopped doing something, all would be well. Except that life isn’t really any different. You might get a short-lived pleasure in the resolution, but after a while the old issues reappear.

One classic example of this is when people win the Lottery. Studies have shown that people generally haven’t in the long term found their lives to be any better, and for some it’s been worse. The likelihood is that the malaise that has driven the search for something to “be better” hasn’t been fixed. The malaise reappears, unless the underlying cause has been addressed.

I referred in the last posting to deficit need, the “hole” inside and the sense of love been missing. There’s a deeper aspect to this too. Spiritually, we could also say that what is most missing for us is our separation from the whole, God, Spirit, Life or whatever you want to call It. It’s this deep, profound, but only dimly glimpsed sense of disconnection from All That Is.

People often say that when they re-gain this connection, in whatever form that might be, they report that they have “come home.” It can be a very emotional experience, tears of great joy, a profound relief, and an outpouring of love. And this love is not of the needy kind, but one where everything thing feels right and complete. There’s also the report of those that have experienced “awakenings” such that life is never the same again. One thing that stands out here is desirelessness. They are no longer seeking. Particularly they seemed no longer concerned by money matters!

It begs an interesting question as to what role the things we seek are actually playing in our lives. Would they actually be symbols for us of this sense of a gap between us and the unity of consciousness?

So, try this out. If you find yourself hankering after something or somebody, breathe, let go and think instead of being at One. Let go and let God.

Thus one aspect of our program Connecting to Inner Peace is exploring what being connected to/disconnected from the Whole means for each of us and how we can re-discover our sense of unity.