Ego, separation and being One

Feeling separate is an everyday experience that many of us have. At the extreme end of that, we may feel very alone and isolated. Unloved.

An unhappy place to be.

Many of us try hard to avoid this experience, but probably find ourselves there from time to time.

What does this mean for those interested in reaching beyond our current limited, alienated, conflict-prone paradigm?

Separation is a facet of the human experience at the ego consciousness level. “I” as I might identify myself is a way I might experience myself as a person, with a knowledge of a history of being “me”, feeling in this body, and experiencing things going on “out there” that I experience as separate from me, as “not me”. Polarity is also a function of ego consciousness, in which things are differentiated, as good or bad, strong or weak, happy or unhappy, and I might see differences within myself, such as different “parts” of me, like an irritable me and a contented me. Thus in terms of separation, you are perceived as different from me, not me, and this will be confirmed by differences that I see in you to how I see myself – or at least as I think, which is more to the point.

When we feel separate, we are more prone to fear and distrust and it is not far from there to conflict.

Of course it need not be like this. We may feel various levels of connection with ourselves, others and life. For example, if we are in love with another and are feeling very connected, it might seem like we are almost as one. Also, if we are feeling very happy and at one with life, everything can feel very OK, “in the flow”, and we may feel very connected with everybody else. This experience is important. The more we see another as at one with us, the more we feel love for them. The more we connect with the love inside us the more it also occurs “out there”, which is really us anyway.

From a higher consciousness perspective, you and I are One. Within me, I am at One. I and the world are One.

The dilemma is that such is the power of ego that that is not our everyday experience. Thus it is an ongoing practice to constantly remind ourselves, re-mind ourselves in terms of the mind, that our everyday experience is not how things are, but how we perceive them through the filter of the ego. It can be useful to adopt practices to catch ourselves stuck in separation thinking, to connect with a deeper level of awareness, let go of egoic thoughts, feelings and perceptions, and be who we really are.

How do you do that, you may ask? It is a crucial question in today’s world, which is at a crisis of ego and needs to move to the next paradigm. To find out how to do this, come on the Point of Awareness and learn key tools to help you to step beyond your own ego. Then you can help others to do the same.

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