Are you feeling what’s going on in the world too?

To some it feels at present as if the storm clouds are gathering. In the distance, the thunder rumbles. Just as the month of June can be stormy, so too world and national affairs seem to be rumbling, seemingly in conflict. In parts of the world there are volcanic eruptions. The environment seems at times to be nearing meltdown. Personally too, people’s lives seem uncertain and anxious. If it’s like that “out there”, what’s it like “in here”, in yourself? Are you feeling calm and serene or are you like the swan, calm on top but paddling like mad beneath the surface?!

There’s a tendency in us humans to get “caught up” in what’s going on “out there”, in whatever the drama is, to be feeling emotionally in ourselves a reaction to what’s going on, and let it become part of our own state. Then day by day we find we are living in an emotionally unhappy state. Yet in times of uncertainty and upheaval, either in external affairs or personally, it’s important, very important, to pay attention to how we manage our own inner state.

It’s easy to state that, and many of us probably know that very well, and yet we can still find ourselves emotionally affected by events and circumstances. You might have your practice, you might meditate, and take care of yourself, and be very conscientious day to day. And yet little by little things can creep up on us or catch us unawares. Then again, we may think we know all this, and get on with our lives, and then, little by little, our practice slips. Until we find we’re seemingly back where we were years ago.

Hey, we’re human. Stuff happens. It’s how we deal with it that’s important.

Everything for a reason. Our emotional reaction is a warning sign, a clue, to something we need to attend to in ourselves. The more it goes on, the more there’s a clue that we need to attend to something.

This is where awareness and responsibility to ourselves is vital. Once we’re aware what’s going on, we can do something about it. Then it’s about how we manage it, let go, or whatever else is needed.

What’s happening in our world can be a mirror to what’s happening inside, whether as a direct mirror, or as a function of the shadow, what we deny in ourselves being projected on to the world out there.

For each of us, I would suggest, now is the time to be conscientious in attending to our inner state, finding our own inner space of peace and calm and resting there awhile each day. It’s by cultivating our own inner space that we can then be in the world in a different, unattached way that, like the ripple effect, will impact others.

Right now, people seem to be at each other’s throats, divided, separate, and antagonistic. Yet, that’s not who we really are. Hence it’s so important to be and model something that rises above the weaknesses of our fellow human kind.

So, I recommend giving time to your daily practice, and to cultivating and holding to a state of inner peace. The more we do this, and, vitally, truly know that place, the more we can do that in the world too. After all, you too are That.

To the right of this blog post there are links to two meditation techniques that can help you develop an inner place of peace and calm.