Gain real personal development through the skills of awareness

Raise your awareness for real personal development

I aim to help you raise your self-awareness and achieve step-changes in your development.

Together we work to enhance your awareness both of patterns that do not serve you and of opportunities for making life-enhancing changes. These improvements will massively improve the results you get in life.

This is done through

  • one-to-one life coaching personal development programmes by phone and Skype
  • one-to-one intensives in South-West France in and around the tranquil setting of an ancient bastide village overlooking the Lot valley.

Are you at a change point?

You might be at a change point in your life.

What’s that?

It is when the old ways of doing things have outlived their usefulness and you think it is time to let go and move on, but may not be quite clear how.

This might be in your work, relationships, life-style, work-life balance and any multiple of situations you face. You might want more peace and calm, and less stress. You might be seeking how to create a good possibility for your future. Maybe you yearn for greater spiritual fulfilment and a connectedness with all that is good in life and with other people.

You can realise these goals when working with me

Awareness shines new light into your life
Awareness lightens up your life

I am a specialist in personal growth, using skills derived from Gestalt and transpersonal psychology, mindfulness, and NLP. I also have wide experience working with individuals and businesses in life and executive coaching.

Insightful programmes

In my programmes I help you to understand what’s really going on, gain powerful tools to build mindful self-awareness and manage your thoughts and state of mind, feel more positive about you and your capabilities, find and explore your real options, make the right decisions and build skill and will to carry them through.

Powerful life coaching

I offer life coaching to develop your potential.
 To help you, you can have a free 40-minute phone consultation with me to explore what you need.

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“The true value in working with John lies in the connections he brings out between one’s deeper relationships, both with others and (more importantly) with oneself, and practical, ‘real world’ outcomes.”

“Thank you for all your help – (it) was wonderful and has made a hugely positive and lasting impression on me. I can’t thank you enough.”

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