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How to value yourself even on a bad hair day

To value yourself, warts and all, can seem like an easy thing to do on a good day, but what about when it’s not such a good day?

It’s like getting up in the morning and looking at yourself in the mirror and all you see are the less flattering features, regardless of what others say to you. It’s when you’ve gone into work and had some less welcome news or had some negative feedback, and end up feeling bad about yourself. It’s like when you’ve had a disagreement with someone and sense they might not like you so much at the moment. It’s like when things won’t go as you want them too and you feel useless.

When life doesn’t so easily go the way we’d like it to, a default position can be to revert to taking it out on ourselves in some way. This can be an old pattern of course, re-awakened by less positive events. In fact the way events go can be to repeatedly remind ourselves of our low opinion of ourselves.

Yet it doesn’t have to be like this.

To know, respect and be OK with ourselves needs to have some strong anchors to persist in the face of this stuff. This is an aspect of resilience, our ability to bounce back or to keep going in adversity, surely something many of us are being tested in during present times.

To be able to manage those negative thoughts, to be able to centre yourself, to distinguish between what the ego is telling you and your own inner knowing of who you are, and be able to hold to this in the face of adversity, these are core life skills for the seeker.

It can be so easy to have all sorts of uplifting and inspiring thoughts and ideas, but what about the real world of the everyday, what I call the mundane level of living? How do we re-affirm and sustain that core underlying awareness? Because if we don’t have that core inner faith, at some level we could be living a bit fraudulently with ourselves. Then no wonder we experience that in the world, a prevailing theme in present civic discourse (see public life around integrity, honesty, etc).

Here’s when it’s good to take time out to review where you’re going with yourself? It’s good to look at the relationship between how you live your everyday life and what you believe, and between how you view and feel about yourself both in theory and in action. And to connect and consolidate your inner faith in who you are. So you can live more as That.

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