If we’re open to the emergence of the next possibility of who we are

Today is a beautiful day. Pale blue sky, daffodils appearing, snow drops en masse, people walking about in the afternoon slightly warm sun. A true hint of spring and our first warmer weather after a long, cold winter. It can feel like it’s an emergence out of hibernation, a new freedom in the air, and birds singing everywhere. There’s a sense of no going back: it’s finally arrived and is happening and whatever may seem to be occurring henceforth, we know that it is not nowhere but now here.Caen locks Devizes2

A bit like life perhaps. It can seem like the status quo has become permanent, but everything is really in process and nothing stays the same. The new will replace the old. It will change. And it does get better, if we’re up for it.

It doesn’t have to remain as we think it is. What is going on that we don’t like (let’s say), isn’t permanent. Something new will emerge, a new possibility, a re-configuration of the field, a new set of circumstances, a new perspective, a new way of seeing things. We just need to be open to the possibility, despite the apparent evidence to the contrary. It’s called faith and trust.

Our trust can get badly dented during the winters of our lives, during the difficult times, but growth is actually going on, out of sight, like the plants, and if we keep open to the possibility of personal growth, we then allow for a spring to come again, as surely it will. If we shut off from it, we keep it away from our awareness and do not see what’s there for what it really is.

Things change and new hope is offered to us, another chance for us to re-create ourselves in the next exciting version of who we are. If we’re open to it.