In memory of a very special person

I was very sad to learn recently that a major inspiration in my life, a very special person, has just died of a heart attack. Graham Browne led a very powerful program, Turning Point, that I attended at a very low point in my life in 1989 and it was through the work that followed that a very rapid transformation occurred for me. Many people have come out of seemingly nowhere to confirm what this man, with his fellow teachers, has achieved for them too.

It’s one of those very big occasions when people sense another turning point. When someone important for us like this dies, or for comparison a present or past leader or other major figure, we are likely to be very impacted and to stop and think very seriously about what the person has meant for us. How many of us for example had a sense of a major transition when Princess Diana died? It’s about what that person meant for us.

In Graham’s case, he was for me a very charismatic workshop leader who had a rare capacity to facilitate people’s process in a group such that he could identify exactly what was their “growing edge” in their personal growth. It was a brilliant example of insightful coaching in a group situation, well before the term was commonly used. Except that Graham’s work was more like therapy than what we might conventionally call coaching, although there is no clear or agreed demarcation. Rather like Fitz Perls’ “hot seat” approach in Gestalt, the work he would do impacted not only the person concerned but the group as a whole. Such is the power of this kind of group work. It is as if this person’s journey is our journey too. It was through watching Graham work that I was inspired to change my career from teaching and learn what I now do. What I learned and what I do isn’t the same. Graham’s skill was arguably unique to Graham, as each of us has their own style and way of working, although he very successfully trained his successors in his approach. I went my own way, but what I’m saying here is that it was Graham’s work that got me thinking.

I want to stress that it is very important to watch others at work and see how they do things. NLP would call this modelling. In turn you might then go on to explore and use other ideas too. I went on to study Gestalt, which also powerfully uses “in the moment” processing.

Graham also worked with the group as a whole from a Transpersonal perspective, and without going into detail, he accessed a whole range of techniques to help people to get in touch with and release emotional blockages and learn more of their real potential and of who they really are. It was during one of those processes that he led, a guided visualisation, that I had a extremely powerful spiritual experience, and it was perhaps this that has stayed as the most powerful moment I had in working with Graham. I had the enormous sense of God’s love beaming down, a great big massive ball of deep gold, vibrating with energy, with great strands of energy powering out all around, beams coming on every side of me, and such that All there Was was this deep, unconditional love. Everything seemed to dissolve into this love.

What more is there to ask for?

I feel tearful now, in a very positive way, remembering that moment, which seemed to go on for ever.

Thus can people be gifts for us, angels that come, as they come in many forms, and so did Graham that day.

So I thank him from the bottom of my heart, a true gift, acting in pure service, unconditionally, in love, for so very many evidently very grateful people. What more could people ask for?

So, let’s just pause and remember the gift of our fellow humans, and perhaps for yourself bring to your mind some special person who has been of service to you or helped you in some powerfully positive way, and give thanks to them, and give your love to them.

Om shanti.

4 thoughts on “In memory of a very special person”

  1. Lovely, John. You seem to have captured the sense of Turning Point.

    It is bringing back many different turning points (and TP’s!) for me and others facilitated by Graham, Babette, Mark R and others over the years.

    Thank you

  2. Thank you John, it seems extraordinary how this wonderful man in passing continues to provide the gentlest of reminders of when we are, who we really are, the world changes for the better. Crossing borders, gender, religion, poverty, weather, fear, in fact any issues, love touches all, like a butterfly wing, gently, oh so gently the power of the universe alights and shakes us to our roots.

    Love to all hate top no one xxx Annie

  3. Thank you John, for posting this about Graham Browne’s passing.

    If it was not for your website I may not have heard about it, thank you. Even though it has been over a year since his passing, I appreciate this space to leave a tribute to a much loved and respected man.

    Graham was a most significant person in my life, he taught me things about myself which I came to realise were true and he helped me get over alot of emotional hurt when I did the Self Transformation course. He was indeed a teacher to mankind and I will never forget him for being a magnificent human being in my life.

    Ps.I did the Self-Transformation course which was the old name for Turning Point in 1985. Graham and Peter Afford led the course in a hall in London.
    I had not met Graham before this but I clearly remember his voice and presence when Peter introduced Graham to the course group. I had never heard any one speak with such kind authority, I knew I was in for a surprise.
    I continued with the next courses and in 1988 completed the BEST (being of service) led by Graham and Babette. Graham continues to inspire me to this day, even though I had not been in contact for 25yrs.

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