It feels like nothing is going on and nobody is there

When nothing seems to be going on, and you need something to be happening, it can get very scary. “Is everything OK?” you might wonder.

Let’s imagine that you are needing some work, a job offer, or an order or a contract, and you’ve put a lot of effort into marketing and networking, and making contacts, and at the moment nothing’s happening. There are no emails, no calls, no texts. Silence.

It can be scary. This is when our faith can really get tested. What if nothing is going on? What if nobody is interested? What if nobody is going to buy or there isn’t going to be a job offer? Then the mind can really go off on one, right down some pit of terror and despair.

Those who are “between jobs” or are self-employed may really know this one. So too can people who are lonely and want someone else to be in their life. “What if there really is nobody out there for me?” “What if nobody wants me?” Thus we can get to feel really abandoned, unwanted, alone – unloved?

We might be very reluctant to do this, but the more we resist this, the more we get it. So an invaluable process is to face the fear and explore our faith. There’s something in here too about letting go. Because while it seems like nothing is going on, it is really. But while we’re invested in nothing happening, that’s what we get. It’s fascinating, were it not also very painful.

So, let go of the thought that nothing is happening, have the intention that something is happening, face and let go of fear, truly let go, and maybe even do something else so that the Universe can get on with sending you what you want without you messing it up by investing in fear – and then it happens! Magic!