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Learning self confidence and self esteem

The tragedy for so many people in our society is the investment they have in how they think they are perceived, in their body image. Just recently this has been found to be extending to seniors, to the elderly, too, amongst whom there is an increase in eating disorders and other challenges associated with perceived body image.

It brings up all sorts of issues to do with self confidence and self esteem, with how we value and appreciate ourselves, and with our fears about how others might see us and what they might think of us. It erodes our self confidence and we limit what we think might be possible for us.

It’s almost an irony, the more as a society we have the less we many of us seem to think of ourselves.

Yet this can mean going where we don’t want to go, facing our demons within, where lives the source of our self-dislike. We think we’re so unworthy, unlikeable and unloveable. It’s a great irony too, since within us is a Source of great love. This is about shifting the inner dialogue and finding the treasures that lie within.

Of course you might hear or read the words, but it might mean nothing until you undertake the journey. And that journey can be a long one. Learning to love yourself, to find your own source of self esteem can mean taking a good look at what those negative feelings are about and discover that they are self-created and illusory, not who we really are. Thus we learn to shift our self belief, what we believe about ourselves, and find skill in being focused more on the love that lies within, on our strengths and capabilities and what we offer. And find too that what we think others think of us, isn’t what they think. One they are too busily focused on themselves, two they probably haven’t thought about it, or three they have actually admired you and thought you had things they didn’t have and wished they had. It’s so often the opposite of what we think!

The path of learning self esteem and finding the love that dwells within involves slaying old ghosts, illusions that we’ve had a life time and which don’t serve us. Very often we need to teach ourselves to love ourselves because we didn’t get that positive mirroring from our parents. So we have to learn it, and teach ourselves.

It’s a deliberate path. It means changing the belief we have about ourselves, and beliefs are just that, beliefs. We just hang on to them like mad. Perhaps now’s the time to let go?

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