Life coaching London

Are you at a life or business crossroads? Life Coaching London offers you focused support to unlock solutions that cut through your current dilemmas and present a fulfilling new direction.

Stuck at a crossroads in your life?

Many of my clients are finding current challenges so big and their options so limited that they need outside help to find a way forward.

London skyline from Thames
London skyline from Thames

Are any of these situations affecting you?

  • Job future is uncertain and you are no longer feeling in control? Current events indicate a highly uncertain outlook. Many are wondering whether they need to take control of their own lives and careers before other people or events decide it for them
  • Restructuring, downsizing, cancellation or postponement of projects, outgrowing the role, prospects no longer what they were, loss of purpose, management changes
  • Personal relationship issues have reached an impasse; you wonder whether to leave or you doubt your partner; conflict; different goals – or you want a relationship that works out
  • Change and pressures in your life has unsettled things, like illness, divorce, financial pressures, house moves, loss of a loved one, struggling to make ends meet, work-life balance is seriously out of balance
  • Stress is getting to you: long hours, travel, work issues, illness, tension, upsets, depression, racing mind, poor sleep – your body is telling you that it’s too much

I could go on. Lots of people are currently feeling stuck and wondering what to do.

Life coaching London offers you a chance for a fresh start

In my work with Londoners, in Life coaching London, I help people to get unstuck and work out a new way forward, one that works for them.

Through a focused series of coaching sessions over 3 to 4 months, you can

  • Work through the issues that are creating you feeling stuck, and get to the underlying issue that, once resolved, unlocks a whole new way forward with your life and work
  • Identify powerful goals that will motivate you to action and results
  • Gain key skills to help you manage your life more effectively
  • Become more calm and in control of your life rather than it controlling you
  • Regain inner peace and outer confidence and a certainty in your life and direction
  • Deal successfully with personal relationship issues
  • Get a new career strategy and better satisfaction in your work

Take advantage of a free coaching session

To explore these issues further, and your desired outcomes, you can have a free 40 minute consultation. Call or email me to set this up, and see if working with me might just be the solution you need:

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