Life coaching Wiltshire for focused coaching

Life coachingĀ  Wiltshire offers specialised, focused support utilising my wide background in helping and developing people, both personally and in organisational settings, in such areas as:

life coaching wiltshire is near Avebury Stone Circle
Historic Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire

You can learn more about my approach to coaching here:

I design a customised programme for each client and offer regular sessions, free email support, a dedicated client page of downloads and ebooks related to what you need and brief laser-coaching calls between sessions.

Free initial session

You can take advantage of a free coaching session, to explore what you need from coaching, identify some goals and try out what it might be like to receive coaching from me.

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To learn more about life coaching Wiltshire, take up the offer of a free 40-minute session with me by phone

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