Life coaching

Is this you: stuck at a crossroads in your life?

People at a crossroads

People I work with are stuck at a crossroads in their life, a turning point. They need help to find a new way and they need someone who can help them unlock the secret to a fulfilling life

Life Coach John Gloster-Smith

Life Coach John Gloster-Smith

Is this you?
  • You might be disillusioned with your job, faced with unwelcome change or having difficulties with others
  • Personal relationships could be problematic, communications difficult, and there’s a lingering thought about leaving
  • Work-life balance is out of balance, job demands against family needs and a desire for a calmer, more stress-free existence
  • There’s been a lot of upheaval and change recently: they say trouble comes in threes
  • Stress is becoming too much, worry, anxiety, conflicting pressures, no time for you

Something’s not working

It shows up in being always busy, having no time, overwhelm, racing mind, not sleeping, feeling frustrated and irritable, or depressed, a general underlying sense of not being happy, or low confidence and self-esteem.

Something’s really not working, and there’s often an underlying reason which, when accessed, resolves everything!

What life coaching does

Widening your perspective

Widening your perspective

Working with me provides a structured process, an impartial, supportive listener, insightful questions, and a powerful methodology to

  • Understand what’s really going on
  • Gain powerful tools to build mindful self-awareness and manage your thoughts and state of mind
  • Feel more positive about you and your capabilities
  • Find and explore your real options
  • Make the right decisions and build skill and will to carry them through

How would you know it’s working?

Feedback from clients is that they know it’s working because they

  • Got what was really getting in the way – and fixed it
  • Made the right decision and are pleased with the results
  • Have a path, a way forward
  • Know they have the tools they need
  • Feel confident, more calm and more resilient
  • Have a new sense of purpose
  • Know what they want and feel able to get it
  • Are more self-aware
  • Feel happier in themselves, and value themselves more
Life is working once again!

You can read what some have told me here

Take action

My life coaching can make a transformative difference in your life too

Finding a way through - Archade of fruit trees, Court garden, Holt, Wiltshire

Finding a way through

How about discussing what you need and how I might help you, in a free 40-minute confidential call?

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“The true value in working with John lies in the connections he brings out between one’s deeper relationships, both with others and (more importantly) with oneself, and practical, ‘real world’ outcomes.”

“Thank you for all your help – (it) was wonderful and has made a hugely positive and lasting impression on me. I can’t thank you enough.”

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