Career coaching

Career coaching for help at a career crossroads

Career coaching helps you make the right career choice and get the results you want

Have you got a challenge with your career right now?

Productive conversation

Productive conversation

  • Feeling stuck in a rut with your career right now?
  • Need some help to develop your career?
  • Got a job change coming up?
  • Tired of the current one and need a career change?
  • Feeling ready for your next big career move?
  • Need some help to manage the transition into the new role?

What’s not working for you – and what could be working?

You might have ambition and a lot of potential and it is a way to maximise your opportunities that you need.

There’s a lot of change happening in organisations and this can leave people feeling adrift in their careers. For others, it’s a loss of a sense of direction or a need to re-motivate and re-discover an interest in what they do. People often reach change points where they need to re-think and re-fashion what they are doing and where they are going.

You might have been very motivated in what you do but have now reached a point where what you do no longer inspires you and you need to think about what you are about and where that might take you in the next phase in your life.

For some the goal posts have changed. People don’t need our skills, or we can’t find the job we want, or we no longer like what we do. Or there’s something we just can’t put our finger on that’s getting in the way. There’s a mismatch somewhere.

How to fix it

I’ve helped lots of people to change careers, to get promotion internally, to progress their careers, to get another job, to get out of a crisis, to break through the glass ceiling, to find fulfillment. In all sorts of organisations, both private and public, and at all sorts of levels.

And those who are or who want to be self-employed: more and more are turning to working for themselves as the world of work changes and they wish to have more control over what they do – and who they are.

It could be that coaching would help with

  • Career development
  • Develop new ideas for the next step
  • The management of change
  • Upskilling as a leader
  • Dealing with job loss
  • Staying motivated or building new motivation
  • A new direction
  • How you are going to carry out changes

Or a whole mix of things.

Contact me

I coach people online or by phone – and by VIP in-depth coaching in Central London or in South West France by special arrangement

So, give me a call or email me and we can arrange to talk by phone about what you need and how I might help.

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