Accommodation for your retreat

In and around Laparade there are lots of lovely, interesting and different places to stay to suit personal taste and budget. You can stay in the village, an ancient bastide high above the River Lot, or at nearby atmospheric locations, in historic medieval towns or in the countryside, near the River Lot or in rolling hills amidst plum orchards, in a region described by the 19th Century French novelist Stendhal as “Little Tuscany”.

Some people choose hotels, others simple chambre d’hôtes (B & B’s). Some come with a friend and share a gîte (a holiday let). Here are some example places to stay:

Hotel Panorama, Laparade, also the village’s restaurant.

Local chambre d’hôtes

A local upmarket chambre d’hôtes

A local hotel by the River Lot

Cafe des Arts
Cafe des Arts, Penne d’Agenais








As always in France, there are lots of local places to eat. On a Tuesday evening there is an open-air “farmers’ market” or marché des producteurs, with music, food (of course) and dancing in the warm evening.

An evening farmers' market in Laparade
An evening farmers’ market in Laparade








Laparade is in the midst of beautiful countryside through which flows the wide River Lot down from the Massif Central to its confluence with the Garonne and thence out to Bordeaux and the Atlantic Ocean. It is very historic, with echoes of the Cathars, the Albigensian Crusade, the Hundred Years war and struggles between Protestants and Catholics in the Wars of Religion. Today it is a very peaceful fruit-growing region, along with duck, foie gras and good local wine, and the people are friendly and welcoming. The weather is warm and very sunny and it is not surprisingly very popular with North European visitors including lots of British Isles, Belgian and Dutch people.