Working with me

Introduction to working with me

In working with me, I first offer a two-stage introduction in which you experience what working with me is like and we plan a project together.

(1) Free Discovery Consultation

I first offer you a free 40-minute consultation with me by phone or Skype. This is where you can explain what you are looking for from coaching and the kind of help you need. I will ask questions for clarification, give an indication of how I think my coaching might be tailored to your needs and outline a potential structure of sessions that would be appropriate. You can ask questions about how I work and also use the time to get a sense of what working with me might be like.

(2) Strategy session

You can then have an in-depth and very focused 1.5 hour payable session by phone or Skype to explore your needs more thoroughly, identify coaching goals, and discuss how these may best be progressed, the strategy. Some might use it who are considering a coaching project but first need to try it out, test the chemistry and get some initial input and reflection.

At this stage, a coaching project is planned.

Coaching project

Each coaching relationship is individual and I tailor a structure of sessions and other support according to your needs.

You will receive a focused series of coaching sessions built around an area on which you want coaching. This can be both a stand-alone series but also a basis for further work

  • Each session-length is tailored to your needs, lasting 1.5 – 2 hours, at between 2 – 4 week intervals
  • Regularity of meetings: sessions will usually be regular, to ensure reasonable continuity of content and input, although we can add a session in between if needed.
  • At the end, there is a review and you can then continue for more sessions (as a lot of clients do: see below) or you can simply agree a few more on an ad hoc basis as needed.
  • This structure, with a few follow-ups, can be very focused and yet offers enough time to really get inside an issue and get a serious breakthrough that can really move you forward
  • Included is ongoing support between sessions: email support, 10-minute “laser” calls if an issue has arisen that you need quick help with, unlimited availability of my e-books, questionnaires and mp3’s according to need, and the sense that in between our sessions I’m right with you while you work on what you need to work on

Extended coaching:

People who are finding they are getting benefit from regular coaching like to work over an extended period, like say over at least 6 months to a year, to help you work through one or more issues in more detail and see a change over time.

Ad hoc follow-ups

I also offer follow-up “stand-alone” 30-minute or 1-hour coaching sessions according to need, for those who have already worked with me as above. Here you can receive a focused contribution from me on a particular need that has arisen, without the commitment to a program, although without the additional support referred to above.  For those who already have a reasonable level of self-awareness, this brief, “laser” approach can often be helpful on a matter of urgent need. You can email, text or phone me, see when I’m available and we can fix a quick session on an “as needs” basis.

What is included

With a coaching project you can also be given a dedicated member’s area on my website, where you will have available to you a range of informative ebooks, articles, handouts, mp3 guided processes and other material tailored to the work we are doing.

I also make available occasional written and pre-recorded material to assist with a particular piece of work.

I also offer focused laser calls of up to 10 minutes and email exchanges, as needed, throughout the project


You get to be able to work from home as working with me is by Skype, with or without video, or by phone, which is very useful and flexible for busy people who don’t have the time to travel to where their coach is or who are in another country. (If by phone and you are in the UK, you can call me on your usual standard UK call rate).

To work face-to-face, I offer an in-depth VIP coaching retreat in South-West France (see above).

To talk with me or to book a session

To see if I am available, the best way to get in touch is by using the contact form here:

Just contact me on this link: Click here

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