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Coaching partners

The Academy of Executive Coaching: An excellent coach training organisation

Association for Coaching: A coaches’ professional association

For 360 feedback surveys, we partner with Appraisal360

Developing Potential run our Myers-Briggs assessments for us

Leader’s Lab blog: Sharing ideas of how to be a great leader. Kate Mercer is an expert in leadership and organisational development

Career change advice at Unhappy in your career? Thinking about doing something completely different? Visit the new online guide for anyone thinking about or going through a career change.

For A Perfect CV: Interview winning CVs, Resumes, letters and application forms expertly compiled by MBA copywriters to fast-track your career – plus free interview and careers advice and links to job search / recruitment sites

Career psychologists Career Counselling Services: National Awards 2006 Market leaders in programmes for career management. These include training in the core skills of career counselling for Human Resources professionals; career and personal development workshops for employees experiencing or contemplating change; and individual career counselling and coaching. Training of line and HR managers in managing people through organisational change. Job search programmes.

Presence, whom I team up with for talks in Somerset. Faith Tait is a life coach, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and trainer

The internet and websites

How the web works: To get an insight from a psychological perspective on how the internet works and help you with your internet marketing, Internet psychologist Graham Jones


Interfaith minister and celebrant: The Interfaith website of Akasha Lonsdale

Prenatal awareness courses: Run by Afron Monro and her colleague Natasha, some excellent insights into the prenatal and birth experience and its impact on the growing child. Click here.

Self assessment tools

Humanmetrics: A quick Myers-Briggs-style self-assessment tool

Self help

An excellent website offering an on-line CBT program for people with sleep problems: Sleepio

Our links exchange policy

We are always open to exchanging links with other sites, so long as they are ethical and complementary to our work in some way. We only put links to other sites on this page if there is a reciprocal link placed on those other sites.We check our partner sites periodically and if there is any evidence of unethical behaviour, or we hear of it from other sources, we will discontinue the link. We welcome feedback from visitors on the appropriateness of our links and any information which might lead us to question continuing to retain a link. Equally we like to know of any links that no longer work.

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John Gloster-Smith – Mindfulness personal and executive coaching and training

Personal coaching and business coaching, courses and self study programs in mindfulness, self awareness, self confidence, emotional intelligence, personal development, relationships and connecting to who you really are.

To exchange links, contact me here

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