Mindful meditation

Mindful meditation

Meditation audio mp3’s to help you improve your meditations

Meditation is a key technique and practice that in itself can transformation the quality of your life, better manage stress, deal with worry, handle challenging issues, improve health and wellbeing, learn to let go more, and become more balanced and centred.

In these sessions you can learn about the art of mindfulness using the breath and also through using a mantra if that is what you prefer.

This includes both instruction on meditation, two very useful meditation techniques and two guided introductions into practising meditation for yourself. You can use these guided instructions to start off your meditation, so that you can then continue on your own and thus build up confidence and capability in using this powerful methodology.

By John Gloster-Smith.

It consists of

  • An introduction (Track 1)

  • Preparation for meditation, including the room to use, sitting and posture, and other aids to effective practice (Track 2)
  • Techniques for meditation, explaining the technique of using a focus for the mind in meditation and how to apply it in practice. This includes how to use the breath (Track 3)
  • A guided introduction into meditation using the breath, taking you into meditation and enabling to practice for as long as you choose (Track 4)
  • The technique of using a mantra, including explanations about what a mantra is and how it works in practice (Track 5)
  • A guided introduction into meditation using a mantra. This is a very powerful meditation which takes you to a very special place of inner stillness (Track 6)

Total time: approx 45 mins.

Price: £7.00* GBP (audio download) (for quick currency conversion, click here)

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