Personal development mentoring

In mentoring, a mentor is a more experienced or more knowledgeable person who guides another who is less so.  It is a learning and development partnership between one with a lot of experience and one who wants to learn. In my case, this is in the field of personal growth and development.

Do you need more personal growth?

People I work with want help and guidance to grow and develop. They need someone with a lot of  experience who can help them find the best way forward

Is this you?
  • You might be changing your job, career or life in general, and need help to build a new direction
  • Want more fulfilling relationships
  • Work-life balance needs re-balancing, job demands with the family or a desire for a calmer, more stress-free existence
  • Need to grow your skill and expertise in how you live your life and in meeting and managing the challenges that come along
  • Have new goals in life that you wish to realise
  • You want a more fulfilling life and be more of who you are

What mentoring does

Mentoring expands your horizons: Laparade view over the Lot valley
Expanded horizons: This is my view. What’s yours like?

Working with me provides you with an impartial, empathic, supportive listener, who asks insightful questions, and a offers a powerful methodology to

  • Get what’s really going on
  • Provide powerful tools to build mindful self-awareness and manage your thoughts and state of mind positively
  • Feel more positive and confident about you and your capabilities
  • Find and explore your real options
  • Make the right decisions and build skill and will to carry them through

How would you know it’s working?

Feedback from clients is that they know it’s working because they

  • Have overcome obstacles that have been getting in the way
  • Made the right decision and are pleased with the results
  • Have found and followed – for them – the right way forward
  • Gained and used the tools they need
  • Feel confident, more calm and more resilient
  • Acquired a new sense of purpose
  • Know what they want and have been able to get it
  • Are more self-aware
  • Feel happier and more confident in themselves, and have enhanced their self-esteem

You can read what some have told me here

Take action

How about discussing what you need and how I might help you, in a free 40-minute confidential call?

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“The true value in working with John lies in the connections he brings out between one’s deeper relationships, both with others and (more importantly) with oneself, and practical, ‘real world’ outcomes.”

“Thank you for all your help – (it) was wonderful and has made a hugely positive and lasting impression on me. I can’t thank you enough.”

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