Mindfulness audio

Mindfulness audio to help you grow skill in mindfulness

To become really effective in using mindfulness, practice is essential. It is only by the regular practice of mindfulness that you can develop skill in stepping back from the content of your mind, and being calm, present and centred. By this practice you can become the observer of what happens, and thus no longer engaged in it or caught up in it but more able to let it go. These mindfulness audio mp3’s really help.

These programs are designed for you to help you get that all-important practice and to develop skill in mindfulness and mindful awareness through listening in your own time and then practicing the techniques.

Developing mindfulness

This program is carefully constructed to help you build your technique. Each track is a guided process to help you learn core mindfulness practices, each of which you can then regularly practice to get the full benefit.

  • Each track helps you deepen your mindful awareness further
  • There is a brief introduction which explains how to use the download, and about your room, sitting, posture, preparation and others actions that support you in the practice
  • Then you are guided to learn the art of “Diaphragmatic Breathing” and is designed to help you develop a highly effective breathing technique for effective practice of mindful awareness. Here you learn how to calm and centre yourself in the practice
  • The third track is called “Breathing Mindfully” and it teaches the core practice of mindfulness, carefully guiding you through each of the powerful steps to develop the art and science of mindfulness.
  • The fourth track is about the technique of Mindful sensing and is designed to help you become more aware of and anchored in all your senses, so that your mindful awareness can become truly holistic and embrace your full potential
  • The fifth track is a Body Scan, which takes your awareness through your whole body in a very powerful relaxation and healing process of calming, stilling and centring, which restores aliveness to your system
  • Finally there is a bonus track to help you become more centred and aware as the calm, non-judgemental observer of your mind

Total time: approx. 45 mins

Price: £7.00* GBP (audio download) (for quick currency conversion, click here)

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