Calming the mind

Those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere will by now be really noticing the evenings drawing in, daylight hours getting shorter, the temperature falling, night-time frosts, morning mists, the leaves turning golden brown and falling too. This is a time when nature starts to draw within and close down while it regenerates itself. It’s very good time to meditate. But we humans tear around in a great hurry, being very busy. So let’s give some time to quietening the mind and going within. At one time this blog had “meditations” in the title and you might have wondered what … Read more

Envisioning plenty – especially when we don’t feel like we’ve got it

Let’s for a moment envision the very best outcome for our lives that we can imagine. Do you have a picture or thought about how you would ideally like your life to be? Let’s take a moment to think about this. You could even write it down if you want. Just go for it, writing spontaneously. See what comes up: Think about say 3 year’s time. Where are you? What are you doing? Look around at the scene. What does it look like? How do you feel? What are you thinking? What is going on in your life that’s positive? … Read more

What you appreciate, appreciates

Recently helping someone to get their life back on track got me thinking about how much is possible when we deliberately focus on what we’ve got. So, when you feel like it isn’t happening, that you haven’t got what you want, that things seem not to be turning out as you intended, try this. Focus your attention on what you do have. Think about all the people in your life that you love, value and respect. Think of the things in your life that you value. Think of your positive attributes, of your skills and capabilities, of what you have … Read more

Not enough money: a thought to let go of

Continuing the theme of money from my last posting, I was saying that our Western civilisation gets hung up around the subject of money and that our view of money says something about how we view ourselves. For starters, you might ask yourself how many times in the day do you think about money? What is your predominant thought about money? Watch out over the next day and make a note of it. Look at what you come up with. Is it positive or negative? From a personal growth point of view, it can be very useful to ask ourselves, … Read more

Wanting money: scarcity or sufficiency?

When it comes to money, do you believe there is enough for you or not enough? Does money easily and effortlessly flow into your life or do you often find it something of a struggle. Our thinking about money, and especially our limiting beliefs, tell us a lot about how we live our lives in general. I’m reading a book called “The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist and just lighted on a chapter on scarcity and sufficiency thinking. Much of her work has been with charitable work tackling world hunger. She tells about when she travelled into the interior … Read more

Being right

How often have you had a disagreement with somebody where you have felt sure you were right? Or how often have you been faced with a choice over what to do, and you’ve asked yourself what the right course of action should be? And how often have people told you what the right thing to do is? This is worth thinking about. After all, humans have a long history of fighting over who is right. Apparently it was right, according to the British Prime Minister, to invade Iraq: “I am right”, he said. We are not so sure now. I … Read more

To be clear who you are, know your Shadow

Over the summer break, sitting in the garden of our home in South-West France, I was reading Ken Wilber’s recent book, “Integral Spirituality”. It is not easy reading, unless you are familiar with his ideas, but it offers a truly great new perspective of integrating Western scientific materialism with spirituality that gives hope for us all. In it, there is in my view an outstanding chapter on “The Shadow and the Disowned Self”. The Shadow is a term derived from Carl Jung and it is the idea that there are parts of ourselves that we are not aware of, which … Read more

Enjoying your work

Why is it so important for me to choose work that I enjoy? Recently I have been talking with someone about why I do what I do and why it is important to enjoy it. We had been talking about whether one could ever be genuinely altruistic or whether there is always an element of self-interest in what we do for others. For my colleague, he felt there were times when one can be selfless but was aware that he worked to help others because he enjoyed it. This got me thinking about how important it was to get some … Read more

Where the mind goes, the energy flows

These last few days I’ve been delivering some workshops in London, which involved a short tube journey from my accommodation to the venue. The last morning I came downstairs for breakfast at the agreed time to find that the breakfast room was in darkness, with the shutters closed and nothing laid out. I waited some minutes and noticed my agitation rising. “This will delay me”, I thought. Eventually I went and called up the people in charge and got my breakfast. Then, when I got to the tube station, the train was delayed. Again I noticed my state of mind … Read more