Seeing perfection in what seems imperfect

When things are messy and it feels like it’s all gone wrong, it can be very hard to get that it’s also just perfect. Seeing perfection in the midst of adversity goes right against our belief system. It could be that despite what’s going on for you right now, where you are is perfect.

Usually our belief is that we’ve “got to get it right”, “be better”, in other words live up to some imagined external standard which is more likely one we’ve internalised. Of course, there may be people in your world who want it to be better than it is, and usually we need to deal with that, but what I’m getting at is where we are dissatisfied with something according to our own standards. It’s just “not good enough”. The inner driver here can be one of perfection, and we put ourselves under great, if not enormous pressure. To be less than perfect is a failure. So we can be very self-critical, about what we do, what others do, or don’t do, and also about ourselves, finding fault with ourselves even.

So, when things “go wrong”, we give ourselves an extremely hard time, and probably others too, if not directly then in our minds.

To see the perfection in imperfection requires a shift of awareness, a letting go of judgement, and an understanding that everything is perfect. This can seem like a complete contradiction, given the above.

So it is worth looking at the understanding of perfection. From a divine perspective, all is complete, at one. When all there is is love, everything is just right just as it is. You love all of it, and all of yourself. Then it all feels perfect, and imperfection is unimaginable. For example have you ever been so utterly in love that somehow everything was well with you and with the world? People do have these experiences. This is Who we really Are.

When things are perceived as imperfect, we are comparing something with an absolute, sometimes a seemingly unreachable standard. So we are making ourselves separate from the divine, a good old ego game.

So, as you go about your day today, maybe catch yourself giving yourself a hard time (and others) about things “not being right”, breathe deeply and let go of the thought, and allow the possibility to be present that wherever you are, is just perfect, just as it is. All is OK with the world, and with you. It is only your understanding that is currently stopping you seeing that.