Building self confidence provides resources in the face of adversity

Self confidence in the face of adversity is an admirable trait many of us would probably like to have and not many probably possess. How often do you find something difficult happens and you are consumed by anxiety, self doubt, anger or upset? Do you not wish you had that inner strength that will carry you through, or at least worry that if something unpleasant happens you won’t be able to cope? Yet in history when certain nations have been beset by adversity, a leader has emerged to carry them through, one who held an aura of confidence that inspired … Read more

Recovery from adversity can be a painful journey

I found the recent interview of Dame Kelly Holmes, the double Olympic gold winner, by Piers Morgan very moving. I’ve alluded to her earlier this week on a different matter but want to devote this post to her. What was so inspiring for me in what happened? Firstly it was how much she as a quite private person allowed us into her life, secondly it was how she shared about her challenges that she had had to overcome on her journey to success, and of course it was thirdly our being able to share her triumph once again at the … Read more

In adversity it’s time to get resourceful

With lots of change going on in the work-place, people will very likely be finding things difficult, especially as for lots of people at present the workplace is very stressful, along with financial cutbacks. As we’ve discussed in this blog, change often comes to people in bunches. They’ve got lets say a change at work when parallel to this is a lot happening on the home front too. Or a parent dies and you’ve just split up with a partner and been told you’ve got a serious illness. Flexibility is a hard one if you’re confronted with a change you … Read more

What happens can be a product of what we think to be so

Thinking that you are experiencing adversity or difficulty is of course a mindset in itself. Not of course that is how it seems. To one who’s business is going pear-shaped or has lost his job, or his or her partner has left, or has just learned she or her has a serious illness, that’s very likely be feel very real. For anybody who has seen the cash drain out of their business in 2008 or even today will say, they will have felt it big-time. So, how do you respond? How do you shift this thinking, that you are up … Read more

Seeing the benefits in adversity

It can be hard to get that when you’ve hit difficult times there’s very likely something in it all that you’ll benefit from long-term. Of course it can seem like a wind-up likely to be met with expletives. However, in all that might be going on, there might be some insight or learning that you need to get, maybe one you’ve not got till now, and which will prove a major gain for you in some way. The trouble is that this can be very hard to see at the time. When difficult times come, what we can so easily … Read more