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To let go of control is to allow life to happen as we intend

“Get back control” seems to be a mantra for our times, except that it can seem frustratingly difficult to achieve, especially where it’s in the gift of others. Yet the more we try to assert control, the more we don’t ultimately get what we really want.

I often used to hear business people tell me how important it was for them to have control, whether it was over others, a system or process, or the direction in which things were headed. To lack control was to be at the mercy of others or the system. and to be tossed about amidst a sea of uncertainty. People feel they have lost control to remote, alien and malign forces and that the world is no longer what it was. The sense of community and collaboration seems to have been replaced by a doctrine of “every man for himself”. Others are deciding things without consulting them and taking account of their interests.

To have control can however be an illusion. The universe operates as one and seeks for balance. When things are out of balance, the tendency is to restore balance. Thus humankind thinks it can control nature, until it hits back with massive destructive force: “I told you so”. Climate change is ironically a sign of nature’s re-assertion. How hard it is to remember that we need to go with the flow, not push against it. If we push against it, we get back what we put out, which is more obstacle and resistance.

“When we let go of control, we are in control”. This is a different way of seeing things. To surrender intentionally is not giving up. It is allowing things to be. Rather than being “nowhere”, directionless, out of control, we allow nature flow to occur, be “now here”, in the present, where our intention draws to us that which we need, and life happens in accordance with our plan for it. Control is replaced by a state of allowing things to be, guided by our intention. Thus we are aligned with the creative force of the universe.

Life can be so much easier when we allow it to be.

In the present, we don’t know what is going to happen. We have intention, but we are also surrendered. Hard though that can be for very many people in today’s highly goal-focused, driven and stressed existence, it is where we let go of ego, and be in what medieval mystics referred to as the “Cloud of Unknowing“.

It might be that we need to let go of what we are attached to, what we want. To fervently want is to be attached to desire. Then we push it away from us. We get what we put out, which is wanting. Surrendered to our Cloud of Unknowing, we can instead allow what we need to come to us, trusting in the process.

In today’s world, very many people are very anxious and fearful of the future, and think bad things are going to happen. This is exactly when it is time to step back, be aware of what is happening, re-connect with our core of Who We Are, be in the state of Being and surrender to the process, remember our intention and allow what we truly need to be revealed to us.

Life is so much easier when we let it happen.

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People don’t like confusion and uncertainty

Recently it was being claimed that the reason why period dramas like “Downton Abbey” were such a success was that in these times of global turmoil and uncertainty people were turning to the old and familiar, complete with rank and hierarchy, as reminders of the cosy, simple, solid and stable. In a time of major, perhaps even unprecedented change, people look for stability.

Apart from an uneasy twinge of a reminder of the appeal of fascism at about the same time as these dramas, with its appeal to “order and hierarchy” as against the economic and social turmoil of that time, it raises an interesting question about how people respond to change and uncertainty.

We don’t like confusion and flux, particularly when our own economic futures are at stake. So we revert in our thinking back to what we know, even if it’s in the past. The function of fear is to enlarge the sense of danger and exaggerate more the issues on the downside. All we can see are problems and potential threat.

Yet if we could step aside from all this, it might appear that a new situation is emerging, which we are blinded from, where we have new advantages for ourselves. The elements of the new situation are there, in their ingredients, but they haven’t yet come together in a form that we can see as useful. We can visualise it and imagine it, which of course is a powerful part of manifestation. But, until it happens, we need faith. And, according to the Law of Attraction, we also need to get out of the way, let go and let it happen. If we worry about it, we hold it up. Pure and simple.

Just hard to do.

So it needs practice, working on, and managing the mind which keeps going off on one.

It is hard to get that things are constantly changing, everything is impermanent. Sometimes it’s imperceptible, sometimes it’s obvious. The way humans operate, we cling to the old when in terms of transition we need to let go, allow the state of confusion to occur and trust that clarity and a breakthrough are about to happen. This “in-between” state is crucial. It is actually highly creative, when people innovate, get hold of all sorts of new ideas and start preparing for the future.

So, if this resonates for you, start working on your new ideas for the next stage of your life – and let go and trust! Remember, it’s work in progress.