To let go of control is to allow life to happen as we intend

“Get back control” seems to be a mantra for our times, except that it can seem frustratingly difficult to achieve, especially where it’s in the gift of others. Yet the more we try to assert control, the more we don’t ultimately get what we really want. I often used to hear business people tell me how important it was for them to have control, whether it was over others, a system or process, or the direction in which things were headed. To lack control was to be at the mercy of others or the system. and to be tossed about … Read more

People don’t like confusion and uncertainty

Recently it was being claimed that the reason why period dramas like “Downton Abbey” were such a success was that in these times of global turmoil and uncertainty people were turning to the old and familiar, complete with rank and hierarchy, as reminders of the cosy, simple, solid and stable. In a time of major, perhaps even unprecedented change, people look for stability. Apart from an uneasy twinge of a reminder of the appeal of fascism at about the same time as these dramas, with its appeal to “order and hierarchy” as against the economic and social turmoil of that … Read more