When loneliness and feeling alone is no laughing matter

The Christmas season is usually a time when people gather and celebrate together. Paradoxically almost, it can be also a time when many people feel very lonely. The sense of loneliness can affect people who are single and in relationships, living with others or on their own. It transcends cultures, class and locality. It can affect even those who seem the most jolly and full of the joys of life. Particularly after Christmas, there’s a “let down” period. After the high adrenalin rush and the excess, there’s often a “down” time. Christmas in the West is a big spending binge … Read more

Being alone or at-one

Perhaps as the weekend is almost upon us, you might be looking forward to time with others. But you might be going home to an empty house or flat. You might be going home to others, but inside you might feel alone. We can be in the midst of many people and feel utterly alone. Being alone is perhaps a fundamental of our existence. Existentialists would say it is a “given”. Some enjoy it, but many fear it and try to avoid it. It can be a cause of immense pain. It often goes with the desire to be loved, … Read more

Aloneness in the New Year

Here you may now be, a few more days into the New Year, the festivities of Christmas behind you, getting back into your job if you have one, perhaps caught up again in the rush of busyness? Some may be wondering what happened to the break – where did it go? Others may feel the sense of let-down, back facing whatever isn’t working in their lives, maybe even feeling alone once again after the sense of connection that the feast period can bring. This is when any commitment you make to have your life be different gets tested. This is … Read more