Getting the consequences of our actions

We started this week exploring what it is like to anticipate something good, to look forward to things. Now it is the end of the week, how has your week been? Has it worked out as you expected? Things can have a curious way of working out the way we think they will. Not that that may always seem to be the case, if you think about how the seeming unexpected can suddenly crop up out of the blue. It’s worth thinking about, how our persistent line of thinking about matters tends to produce consequences in line with our thinking. … Read more

Are you looking forward to today?

Do you start your week in eager anticipation of what is coming up? Do you look forward to things that are about to happen? Or is it more of feeling anxious about what is coming up, or a dread even? Or do you wish it wasn’t going to happen, that you would if you could stay at home, doing what you’d prefer? Lots of us, for example don’t like the jobs we do, or don’t like particular situations that we know are coming up and we’re going to have to deal with. In work, we might have meetings coming up, … Read more

Do you look forward with hope?

Do you look forward to your weekend with pleasure, like anticipating the arrival of something better? Is the weekend better than what happens during the week? Or are they the lesser of two evils. Or is none of it any good? How we anticipate the future, such as looking forward to things optimistically, is a useful test of our outlook on life. It raises some fundamental questions, such as our belief that things will get better, that life has some good bits to it, that all is OK. People have often told me they remember when they used to look … Read more