Does change make you feel anxious or optimistic?

As things change, there can be a point of poignancy when there’s perhaps an awareness of regret for what is going and mixed feelings about what is to come. Autumn is one such time. We’re in this time of autumn here in the UK where the trees are turning golden brown, almost red, and leaves are piling up on the ground, in gutters and on pavements. The air is damp with a chill in the air and the grass is wet with dew in the mornings. Depending on how you are feeling, walking among trees can be a bit sad … Read more

When times are difficult at work people too often revert to type

Do you struggle to communicate bad news or difficult messages? And has all that inclusive stuff gone out of the window and what you get are orders? When times are difficult at work, it is common for managers to operate in a more “command-and-control” manner, what is often called “tell”, rather than be inclusive and participative. This is well-known, but even though it is well-known people continue to do it, even though today many staff find it unacceptable. Perhaps they might think jobs are scarce and are therefore more willing to tolerate it. Yet, curiously the people who do leave … Read more

People feeling more under pressure at work

On the surface no doubt, there’s a prevailing sentiment in organisations of “business as usual” – we just get on with the job in hand – and yet underneath that surface, no doubt too, there’s a sense of the Sword of Damocles hanging over many of us as we’re working longer hours, staying longer during the day and going the extra mile for their employer, fearful of losing their jobs. The pressure is great. Elsewhere, I heard a reference to the boot being on the other foot, whereby before it had been a job seekers’ market for high-level expertise, but … Read more

Being very present in your awareness

Delivering presentations, talks and seminars, people often struggle about how to open their events, often waffling on before getting to the point and thus losing their audience’s potential for engagement. The key is to have a point of interest right up front that gets attention. I’ve recently been giving a series of talks across the South-West of England on The Power of Awareness. I had a perfect opportunity to do an intro on my theme on Saturday when I needed to get going in at a specific time and yet not everybody had come in from a previous meeting. So … Read more

When it doesn’t seem to be working

Part of the challenge of dealing with things that don’t seem to be working out in our lives is being aware of our part in it. When we feel helpless, at the victim of events, such as with the current economic and political impasse that seems to be going on that I referred to in the last posting, it seems like we are at the effect of “it”. Part of the clue lies in the words, “It isn’t working”. I mean here not a precise bit of machinery and how it works, but more broadly what is occurring in our … Read more

Do Mondays really get to you?

I don’t know if you find it difficult to re-focus at the start of each week, but people often talk about the Monday morning syndrome, the challenge of re-adjusting to the weekday routine after the relaxation and distractions of the weekend. So Monday is often a day when things seem to get off to a bad start, particularly if you aren’t really getting the best out of your job, or a problem crops up and it really hits you when you come back off your weekend, or things seem to go wrong on Mondays, or you are not in the … Read more

Making being present a part of your everyday life

Have you found that when on holiday something to do with your work or your home has somehow intruded and you’ve found it hard to shift out of the “holiday mood” to focus on that other matter? It’s almost as though we can go into an altered state of awareness when on holiday. Well, for some of us no doubt that’s the real life, that it’s life, and that other world, the so-called “real world” is an inconvenience sent to try you. For two weeks let’s say, you get let out to play and there’s nothing that’s going to spoil … Read more

Has fear got hold of you?

Anybody watching the collapse in share prices across the world over the last few days may well be feeling more than a touch of fear. It is after all panic that drives these massive sell-offs. Previously what was regarded as quite “safe” investments suddenly looks very unsafe. People pull the plug and cash drains away. Fear can be all-consuming. It gets us in the grip, paralysing us and driving us to do things we wouldn’t normally do. Or it can sit in the background, as an underlying anxiety. It tends to lead to exaggeration in the level of the perceived … Read more

When you start to see the fruits of your efforts

What do meditation and business have in common? When you’ve got over your surprise, here’s one: hanging on in there with your investment till you start seeing the results and beyond, even while it doesn’t immediately seem to be bringing in the much-needed returns! With meditation, you may very well find you are doing it and yet your mind is all over the place and you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. One key is to keeping doing it, and have suitable technique to support you so that you are managing your mind and bring it back to its centre … Read more

Being who you are in the midst of all that’s going on

After days of scenes of riots on the streets of Europe and news of upcoming industrial unrest here in the UK, it made a great change recently to see a meditation flashmob recently in London’s Trafalgar Square. In case you missed it, here it is again. The news this week was full of impending doom in the Eurozone and the dangers for the international financial system yet again, at least for those who’ve been following it. This is a great challenge for those of us interested in consciousness-raising, our own and no doubt mankind as a whole. How do we … Read more