Do you love to be in nature away from other people?

Is there a part of you that prefers to be in nature, away amongst mountains, by the sea or in the countryside, where there aren’t any people and you have to yourself the splendour of nature? Do you get times when you want to get away from the stresses and strains of dealing with your fellow humans and the crowded cities? Just recently someone was telling how she comes into her own when in nature, in the silence and stillness of remote mountains and their vast and massive rocky majesty. I thought, “me too!” Your special place, if that is … Read more

Taking action when truly connected to who you really are

Taking action, making changes, moving forward in life and/or in work, we are at our most effective when truly connected to who we are. This is about understanding the nature of authenticity, our true self. But how do we know this for ourselves? You probably already know it, for example when you feel “in the flow”, in the zone, you can be highly effective. “Flow” is a concept, also called “Optimal experience”, which was developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Another example might be being “in love”. You might have had the experience that when in love all things seem, or seemed, … Read more