Our thought becomes reality

Thought is highly creative. Our thought becomes reality, at some level. Where we place our thoughts is what can occur, at some level, until we think differently when as a result we get different outcomes. This can be a hard one to get, until we notice how on “good” days when we’re thinking positively lots of nice things happen, and when our mind darkens we get a stream of negative things happening. The key to this is often in the feeling. Where we feel good, we get good results, and vice versa. In Indian philosophy there’s an interesting concept, maya, … Read more

That we get what we pay attention to can be an unwelcome idea to get

That we get what we pay attention to can be an unwelcome idea to get. The thought that our thinking creates our reality brings us up against the awkward thought that by repeatedly thinking a certain way we are attracting to us all sorts of nasty things. It can leave us perplexed because we can then feel helpless because we keep doing this, keep thinking like this. It’s habitual. First it is important to recognise that our mind does this. Many of us will find our minds absorbed by what we call negative thinking at some stage. It is now … Read more

Reality can be what we think it is and we can think again

Very often we can get stuck on a train of thought and we think life is truly like this, that it is our reality, and in thinking like this so deny ourselves the opportunity to gain different outcomes for ourselves. There are those that think that reality is a given, outside our experience and control, and there are those that think that reality is what you perceive it to be. So it depends what you think! The interesting thing about the latter approach is that if you think it enough, lo and behold it happens, at some level. It’s important … Read more

Create space for your inner creativity to emerge

You can feel deeply frustrated when you’re stuck in a rut in terms of ideas for a way forward. You’d not be alone, though it can feel lonely. We can, many of us, thrash around for new ideas and although we might come up with something, it might not in the end get us anywhere. Then we can think we’re missing the plot and be losing out in the rush of competition. Apart from a classic ego error, that of comparison with others, this can also miss some important truths about how the mind works in terms of creativity. In our … Read more

Adversity might be teaching you your true life purpose

When we’re faced with adversity, it can seem we’re really caught up in it and that is all there is, like that is how our life is. These are times when we can disconnect from our life purpose, or need to establish one, and thus have some focus in the background to return to. The point here is that when we’re up against it, we think that that is all there is, when it is really just a perception, albeit a hard one. We think that what we’re absorbed with is our reality. Yet, when we let go of it, … Read more

We can move on

It is curious, were it not also so painful, to see how absorbed we can get in our own misery. It gets a perverse fascination, such that we keep on and on at it, even though we know, in part, that it doesn’t do us any good. I was reading a story about that great mythical Indian character, Sheikh Nasruddin. Stories about him are often told by gurus, to illustrate a point they are making. Here’s one from Swami Muktananda. Sheikh Nasruddin had noticed people buying chillies in a market and had seen that they were very popular. In fact … Read more

Shifting into a positive creative state for 2012

The post-Christmas sluggishness. People here, those that are on holiday that is, seem to go into a kind of torpor in which we feel sleepy and disinclined to do much. Not that we really behave like others in the animal kingdom as shortly we’ll be springing back into frenetic activity. So it’s an odd one in some ways as we’re also coming to year-end calendar-wise, there are the usual New Years Eve celebrations, and many are also thinking about what might be different about next year. And after the Christmas hype, there’s also the let down, with its accompanying depression … Read more

Recessions are opportunites for those willing to seize them

It’s been interesting to read that the UK economy is stagnating at the moment. That sounds like it could be a revealing mirror image for many of us perhaps of our own lives. Life on hold, not adventuring forward, fearful of going back, perhaps an inability to get things done, businesses and individuals not spending, nervousness, a fear of things getting worse. Yet this can be just the time to be planning and making preparations for the future. Recessions are opportunities. They are often when new businesses start, often with new ideas. Well-known examples are GE, when Edison developed the … Read more

It is all in the mind

How conscious are you of turbulence in the world at the moment? As I write, it is a windy, almost stormy day here in the UK. Not unusual at this time of year; after all we speak of “March winds”. The balmy, sunny days of the last few days have gone, replaced by wet and windy weather. Out in the wider world, we have continuing alarming news about radiation from the Fukushima reactors, people are struggling to rebuild their shattered lives in north-east Japan, the Arab spring continues to rumble on and we have a civil war in Libya, there … Read more

What happens is what you create

How do you get on with the idea that what happens in your life you create yourself? It can come as quite an uncomfortable realisation. And that when we do it together, we co-create it. Surely, you might think, I wasn’t responsible for that idiot driving into my car the other day? I didn’t create having my house burgled? I didn’t generate Hurrican Ike! I didn’t create the credit crunch! I remember being on a workshop on humanistic psychology when I was in training, listening to a whole host of complaints about this idea. People were ready to concede some … Read more