Hope faith and trust in possibility feels limited at present

After the euphoria of the Olympics people in the UK seem to be returning to the doom-and-gloom of diminished expectations and lowered hopes, if barometers of consumer expectations such as indices of confidence are to go by. Intially, after the 2008-9 slump people carried on spending to a degree in the hope of a recovery but 4 years on and it seems people are becoming resigned to things staying the same. So what might this be telling us of our levels of hope faith and trust in possibility, and how much does this economic climate translate into how we think … Read more

Courage and doubt on the journey

What is your reaction to the name Alastair Campbell? Do you think, “Spin Doctor?” Or news manipulator and apologist in chief for the Blair regime? Whatever your memory, those of you who take an interest in people’s personal journey might take a look at what he has been recently been sharing of his personal travails, for which I really think he is to be admired. Not long ago he had presented a TV program on alcoholism and depression and now he’s writing about self doubt, a subject I can certainly resonate with. What I think is particularly good is that … Read more

It feels like nothing is going on and nobody is there

When nothing seems to be going on, and you need something to be happening, it can get very scary. “Is everything OK?” you might wonder. Let’s imagine that you are needing some work, a job offer, or an order or a contract, and you’ve put a lot of effort into marketing and networking, and making contacts, and at the moment nothing’s happening. There are no emails, no calls, no texts. Silence. It can be scary. This is when our faith can really get tested. What if nothing is going on? What if nobody is interested? What if nobody is going … Read more

Learning to trust that you will get all that you need

In a recession, or depression as it is technically here in the UK, people can get acutely aware of the lack of money, or worry about things related to money. Thus having an abundance mindset goes out of the window. In fact you might test this for yourself. Do you tend at present to think in terms of abundance or lack? Financially, is your glass half-full or half-empty? Seeing our lives as abundant goes right against so much cultural conditioning. If you think about it, in the UK most people lived in rural society until the late 19th Century. So, … Read more

Holding to your faith in meeting adversity or challenge

Keeping faith. That can be a hard one. Let’s say you’ve embarked on some major change in your life, whether deliberately or involuntarily, and you are perhaps carrying out some plans, or you’re faced with the immediacy of the change. You might be aware of the difficulties of the venture. Unless of course you’re a great optimist! But even the optimist might face the same potential challenges. What can occur is that time or times when it all seems a bit much. It might be that the challenges are daunting or that you’ve hit some obstacles. The hard bit can … Read more