Are you disillusioned with life?

Has life not turned out as you thought it would? Has it dawned on you that things have not worked out as you had hoped? There can come a time when our hopes and dreams for life don’t materialise. We feel disappointed or disillusioned. Then we can get downhearted, depressed, cynical, cease to believe in what is possible, lose our faith, and give up on life. Life’s disillusionments This can occur at any stage. Perhaps you have had a dream of how you want your life to unfold. Maybe you have had career plans. Then you’ve had a desire for … Read more

Fear, catastrophe and the power of the mind

Pay attention to what your mind is tending to focus on. That might sound like a tautology. Except that it’s a very important point. The power of awareness is to be able to catch yourself thinking whatever it is that you are thinking. Let’s take fear. I know that’s an emotion but it is usually generated by a thought. I was recently sent a link to a video demonstrating that in 2012 the North Pole would switch to Mongolia, with devastating consequences. I’m in no position to argue for and against that proposition, except that I know it’s not a … Read more

A good time for renewal

Today, people who have an interest in such things are celebrating Easter Sunday, the day Christ rose from the dead, the Resurrection, that powerful message that Life is eternal. Thus humans, we are told, can overcome suffering and redeem themselves. Transformation is possible, you can be re-born. Whether you are Christian or not, religious or not, re-born or not, into being re-born or not, today is a useful time to remind yourself of your potential for renewal. Things do not have to be as they are, or as they seem. We are so much more than the petty absorption with … Read more

All is silent, perfect and complete

Another beautiful, sunny morning, with not a cloud in the sky, the air fresh and still. How about this for a metaphor for life? Breathe in the cool air, let it be like balm for your body, awakening you to the prospect of the Goodness of Life. It’s times like this that it can seem like all is silent, perfect and complete. Sunday in many places is the traditional day of rest. A time perhaps to pause, reflect, pray if that is what you do, be still and be aware. Today during my meditation time I chose from Theolyn Cortyns’ … Read more

When we fight another, we also fight ourselves

Once more we talking of committing our armed forces, belatedly, to help rebels who have risen against their ruler, or to prevent further oppression aimed at civilian protesters against dictatorship, or to protect western oil interests, depending on your point of view. Humans once again are at each other’s throats. No doubt many of us will have strong feelings about the dispute, while others might hold back in hesitation at the wisdom of armed intervention. And others might still have an eye to the force of nature thousands of miles away, which has led to a near-meltdown of 3 nuclear … Read more

No quick fix

Its Guy Fawkes Day Today is Guy Fawkes Day in the UK. For those who don’t know, it celebrates an occasion in 1605 when a Catholic Christian called Guy Fawkes was discovered in a cellar below the old English Parliament as he was preparing to blow up the Parliament just as the Protestant king of England was to open a new session. All the peers of the realm and leading gentry would have been there. Thus a blow would have been struck against the wicked heretics in the name of the one, true faith. Since then, if not before, Catholics … Read more