Building self confidence can mean starting with inner quiet

It can seem an odd place to start in building self confidence in yourself and in a project by first building inner quiet. Yet if you need to re-focus, re-build, get something new going in your life and work, you may need to calm self doubt and lack of self belief and develop stillness of mind so that you have a surer base from which to grow what you intend. You may not be clear what it is that you intend and you may need to get your mind clear in order to allow creativity to do its work. In … Read more

To know the value of quiet

In trawling through a range of business articles online I came across a delight* which praised the value of quiet and affirmed the value of of introverts. As another “introvert”, I read with enthusiasm: how nice to see people being positive about introversion, and about being quiet! As the writer states, in a world seemingly dominated by extroversion and the valuing of extrovert behaviours, and the noise that ensues, the pressure is seemingly on the introvert to change. She is very clear that those of us who are quiet can also serve. I wonder how you react when you see … Read more

A good time to practice meditation

Reaching the end of the last week in October, it is appropriately sunny and almost warm here, with the last very golden colours on the trees before the autumn winds wisk them away no doubt very soon. There’s perhaps a sense of a turning point in the earth’s seasonal cycle, before we descend more rapidly into winter and the animals who hiberate start burrowing underground or wherever for their sleep, our evenings are now very much darker and the clocks about to go back. To me it feels like we almost close within ourselves more. I often recommend people do … Read more

Are you caught up in a manic existence?

If the rest of your life is pretty manic, you might find meditation a challenge. So how do we integrate activities like meditation into the rest of our life? Of course you might want to meditate to give yourself a break from the mania of existence. And meditating can help you cope with the rest of life better. As argued in the previous post, finding a calm, still space within, coming to know yourself more and more, being connected to inner peace, can provide a sense of Self that can be brought to bear on your experience of life generally. … Read more

War and peace

We’re now at a time of year when in the UK and in a number of other countries affected by the First World War people remember their war dead. Traditionally people have often stood in silence for two minutes at 11.00am on 11th November, the time when the Armistice agreed that the guns would fall silent in 1918. It might seem like a patriotic occasion until one recalls that when these ceremonies first started there were many who thought this had been the “War to end all wars”, that with the setting up of the League of Nations and a … Read more

Going inside

This is a time when one gets really aware of the changing seasons here in the Northern hemisphere, as autumn deepens, the leaves turn gold and start to fall, it gets colder and the nights draw in. Sometimes to me it can feel a sad time. I think that is an association with the return to school after the summer holidays, especially when I went to a boarding school and thus was away from home. But I think there’s also a sadness with the summer ending more generally, things coming to an end. After all, the fruit is ripening, food … Read more

What sustains you?

What has kept you going this week? When things are challenging, when times are difficult, or mundane, or tedious, or just plain ordinary, or just not quite right, what keeps you on track? As you reach the end of another week, you might be headed home to the Friday night pick-me-up, addictive or not, the comfort of your own home or that of friends – or maybe none of these – perhaps you could reflect a moment too….pause….stop the flow of thoughts from one thing to the next…the continuing pump of adrenaline…or the collapse into exhaustion… And just give yourself … Read more

Where is your sanctuary?

Do you have a place of sanctuary to which you can periodically retreat? What for you is a place of sanctuary? For many I guess it’s a religious place and many may think of a monastery, say. In the Middle Ages, sanctuary was also where one went for safe keeping against the vengeance of some one, say in a Cathedral or other religious institution. Or it might be a special place in your house or garden, or a place you go to to get away from it all. For me, it’s a quiet place suitable for reflection and contemplation, for … Read more

Calming the mind

Those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere will by now be really noticing the evenings drawing in, daylight hours getting shorter, the temperature falling, night-time frosts, morning mists, the leaves turning golden brown and falling too. This is a time when nature starts to draw within and close down while it regenerates itself. It’s very good time to meditate. But we humans tear around in a great hurry, being very busy. So let’s give some time to quietening the mind and going within. At one time this blog had “meditations” in the title and you might have wondered what … Read more