Limiting beliefs can limit our outcomes

The mindset of pessimism and limiting beliefs can run deep. I was struck recently by a headline in the UK’s “Telegraph” that “We’ll never have it so good again“, with a report about the declining opportunities facing today’s middle class young. From the self-development perspective, it was the mindset and outlook on life of having disappointed expectations and also that the outcome was bound to be worse that grabbed my thinking. Whilst appreciating that young people are having a particularly difficult time in the current Great Recession and acknowledging that this is far from acceptable in public policy terms, it … Read more

Having self confidence to ask for what you want

What can really limit people getting what they need in life can be not having self confidence to ask for what they want. This flags up a general issue, simply not asking for what you want. People will go all round the houses to avoid actually putting the question. Why is this? For some, it doesn’t occur to them to ask. We can carry on complaining that life isn’t delivering to us what we need, and we can feel dissatisfied in consequence. However, we just haven’t actually asked. This is a powerful point. In terms of the Law of Attraction, … Read more

To keep going is also to hold to your vision

Keeping going despite the odds is also about holding to your vision and your intention. The Law of Attraction says that while we are focused on adversity, that is what we get more of. When we focus on what we want, and do that with positive intent and in a feeling-good state, then we are vastly more positively attracting. What can be a really striking example of this is how when we are in a state of fear, our minds are much more closed off to creative thinking. The emotional part of the brain is engaged, our fear hormones are … Read more

People don’t like confusion and uncertainty

Recently it was being claimed that the reason why period dramas like “Downton Abbey” were such a success was that in these times of global turmoil and uncertainty people were turning to the old and familiar, complete with rank and hierarchy, as reminders of the cosy, simple, solid and stable. In a time of major, perhaps even unprecedented change, people look for stability. Apart from an uneasy twinge of a reminder of the appeal of fascism at about the same time as these dramas, with its appeal to “order and hierarchy” as against the economic and social turmoil of that … Read more

Recessions are opportunites for those willing to seize them

It’s been interesting to read that the UK economy is stagnating at the moment. That sounds like it could be a revealing mirror image for many of us perhaps of our own lives. Life on hold, not adventuring forward, fearful of going back, perhaps an inability to get things done, businesses and individuals not spending, nervousness, a fear of things getting worse. Yet this can be just the time to be planning and making preparations for the future. Recessions are opportunities. They are often when new businesses start, often with new ideas. Well-known examples are GE, when Edison developed the … Read more

Being aware of limiting thoughts and feelings

If you study a lot of the material around the Law of Attraction, you’ll probably see lots of injunctions to monitor your thoughts and to remember to “think positive” since your thoughts, and the accompanying feelings, are likely to affect your results big time. You might find that you are encouraged to switch your thoughts out of negative ones and into positive ones. What perhaps isn’t always so clear perhaps is what you do if you are stuck in some familiar and very strong “negative” feeling cycle and shifting that isn’t so easy. Some no doubt will be compounding their … Read more

Do you like where you mind has been this last week?

In theory today for many of us is time off, time out from our busy week. Has your week been one of toil and effort or of interest and fun? Just check it: where has your state predominantly been this week? It is an important self-check to make. It is invaluable to regularly check out our state of mind. For many of us we live a lot of the time on autopilot and don’t notice where our mind is predominantly, till we look back at things some time later, if at all. The point here is that, without being aware … Read more

How desire and wanting are inimical to inner peace

As you begin your week, you may be conscious of what you need to get done, what needs to be achieved, to meet your goals. What you will be doing is likely to be linked to something you want. Dealing with our wants may seem like an essential ingredient of living. However, for those who seek inner peace and contentment, to have more joy in their lives, this is also something that contradicts that search. Desire, wanting, is regarded in many traditions as inimical to achieving inner peace. It is a great interrupter to inner contentment. If you meditate, you … Read more

Getting the consequences of our actions

We started this week exploring what it is like to anticipate something good, to look forward to things. Now it is the end of the week, how has your week been? Has it worked out as you expected? Things can have a curious way of working out the way we think they will. Not that that may always seem to be the case, if you think about how the seeming unexpected can suddenly crop up out of the blue. It’s worth thinking about, how our persistent line of thinking about matters tends to produce consequences in line with our thinking. … Read more

What you think, you become

“One’s own thought is one’s world. What a person thinks is what he becomes – that is the eternal mystery. If the mind dwells within the supreme Self, one enjoys undying happiness.” (Maitri Upanishad). It can easily be overlooked that focusing on the mind as Eastern mystics did was not merely to challenge the patterns of thinking that kept people enslaved. It was also to open them to the greater potential that the mind offers. Basically you get what you think about, what you think you become. What you focus your mind on will occur at some level. See for … Read more