What leads people to undertake personal growth?

What is it that brings people to do this work that I often refer to in this blog, that of personal growth, self improvement, self help or whatever you might call it – it has a variety of names? I thought I’d give a few classic scenarios: One is a person who, in his words, is “prone to being grumpy”. Despite the protestations of his family, every day or so he has a “grumpy” time. There’s plenty to complain about, the world seemingly well able to throw up situations for a “soap-box moment”, the next door neighbour, rubbish collection, world … Read more

Our sad times can have something to teach us

Today is sometimes referred to as “Blue Monday“, on account of it being apparently the saddest day of the year, or so it has been dubbed. It is said that the gloss of Christmas and the New Year has faded, people have debts to pay off and pay day is still a while off, it’s a long time till the next public holiday, the nights are dark and seemingly go on forever, we some of us don’t get much sunlight on our skin and thus not enough vitamin D, and other aspects of winter. Not surprisingly there are those out … Read more

Seeing the benefits in adversity

It can be hard to get that when you’ve hit difficult times there’s very likely something in it all that you’ll benefit from long-term. Of course it can seem like a wind-up likely to be met with expletives. However, in all that might be going on, there might be some insight or learning that you need to get, maybe one you’ve not got till now, and which will prove a major gain for you in some way. The trouble is that this can be very hard to see at the time. When difficult times come, what we can so easily … Read more