When loneliness and feeling alone is no laughing matter

The Christmas season is usually a time when people gather and celebrate together. Paradoxically almost, it can be also a time when many people feel very lonely. The sense of loneliness can affect people who are single and in relationships, living with others or on their own. It transcends cultures, class and locality. It can affect even those who seem the most jolly and full of the joys of life. Particularly after Christmas, there’s a “let down” period. After the high adrenalin rush and the excess, there’s often a “down” time. Christmas in the West is a big spending binge … Read more

Do you let loneliness get to you or choose to change?

After all the activity of Christmas comes the loneliness of January, in the depths of winter, with cold, grey, sunless days and long nights. What was all that festivity about if life is really like this? There are those who feel lonely in relationship and want a change, but there are very many today who aren’t in one and feel the lack of company very much at this time of year. Statistics abound about the rise in the number of people in the UK living alone, around 16% in recent surveys, and in the US it is over 50%. Of … Read more

Being alone, being at one

How would you like to be in a box, so to speak, at your funeral, with only two people there for the funeral, neither of whom know you? Some of you who know us may have seen by now that my wife, an Interfaith Minister, has been on regional television, and now it seems in the national press, about a case that seems to have grabbed people‚Äôs imagination here. This is about the disturbing case of a cremation she is to officiate at near us in Wiltshire in which the deceased would have only my wife and the funeral director … Read more