Going inside

This is a time when one gets really aware of the changing seasons here in the Northern hemisphere, as autumn deepens, the leaves turn gold and start to fall, it gets colder and the nights draw in. Sometimes to me it can feel a sad time. I think that is an association with the return to school after the summer holidays, especially when I went to a boarding school and thus was away from home. But I think there’s also a sadness with the summer ending more generally, things coming to an end. After all, the fruit is ripening, food … Read more

Expectation of good things to come

Right now, I’m sitting in “Costa Coffee” in the old market town of Devizes in Wiltshire, UK. People are coming in with their families or friends and there’s the sort of talk that sounds like people are catching up with one another. I like writing here because I find the buzz stimulating – and I like the coffee! Devizes at this time actually feels like a market town, even though this function of rural towns has been in decline. People are coming in to town to stock up for Christmas, because here in the UK we really go for Christmas. … Read more

Calming the mind

Those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere will by now be really noticing the evenings drawing in, daylight hours getting shorter, the temperature falling, night-time frosts, morning mists, the leaves turning golden brown and falling too. This is a time when nature starts to draw within and close down while it regenerates itself. It’s very good time to meditate. But we humans tear around in a great hurry, being very busy. So let’s give some time to quietening the mind and going within. At one time this blog had “meditations” in the title and you might have wondered what … Read more