Do you have too many thoughts on your mind?

People often say to me how they have such trouble with their minds, how their thoughts run away with them and they end up in places mentally where they don’t want to be. If only they could manage their thoughts, they say. You can have so many thoughts on your mind that the mind can become the source of your greatest torment, but it can also be the place of your greatest bliss. You can do something about it. We get so caught up with our worries, problems and concerns that we don’t realise what’s really going on. Surely, we … Read more

Our thought becomes reality

Thought is highly creative. Our thought becomes reality, at some level. Where we place our thoughts is what can occur, at some level, until we think differently when as a result we get different outcomes. This can be a hard one to get, until we notice how on “good” days when we’re thinking positively lots of nice things happen, and when our mind darkens we get a stream of negative things happening. The key to this is often in the feeling. Where we feel good, we get good results, and vice versa. In Indian philosophy there’s an interesting concept, maya, … Read more

Being mindful of what you are thinking feeling and sensing

I’ve recently been preparing a new mindfulness course and in the process reflecting on what for me was one of the most invaluable things I learned from mindfulness many years ago, that of what is called metacognition. This is where your mind is aware that you are thinking, feeling and sensing as it is happening. For me, this experience of being mindful, once I had learned how to practice it, was truly transformative. At the time I knew it as “witnessing”, since my training had also been with people versed in certain traditions that integrated Eastern mysticism with Western Transpersonal … Read more

Meditate even when you don’t feel like it

If your mind is off on some trip somewhere and you aren’t feeling so good, it’s a good time to meditate. Yet this can seem a hard one if you don’t feel like that either. Yet many seasoned meditators will say that this is exactly where meditation can be so beneficial. Let’s take the example of feeling dissatisfied or discontented about something. Somehow the problem keeps hanging around in your mind and you don’t seem able to let it go or change how you feel. The fear might be that if you go and meditate with this going on, you’ll … Read more

Reality can be what we think it is and we can think again

Very often we can get stuck on a train of thought and we think life is truly like this, that it is our reality, and in thinking like this so deny ourselves the opportunity to gain different outcomes for ourselves. There are those that think that reality is a given, outside our experience and control, and there are those that think that reality is what you perceive it to be. So it depends what you think! The interesting thing about the latter approach is that if you think it enough, lo and behold it happens, at some level. It’s important … Read more

Sleep problems that reflect an unhealthy mindset

One might take it as an important comment on the state of mind of many people in today’s society that one quarter of the UK population suffers from sleep problems, as this TV program showed. More that 10 million prescriptions for sleeping pills were issued last year. Just a quick look at this link will tell you what the common ones are, plus some remedies. However just watching the program brought up other ones not listed, such as sleep walking. Just consider the impact on people’s lives of this scale of problem. As anybody who has had a disrupted night … Read more

Does your holiday serve to relieve stress for you?

This week is the traditional European holiday exit week, with hundreds of thousands flooding down to the Mediterranean and elsewhere for a couple of weeks of chill time, when they can finally get the opportunity to relieve stress. But is it really chill time if you’ve been very stressed at work? Well, you might say that the journey there is more stress, especially if you have excited children in tow, and then demands to take part in various activities when all you want to do is sit and do nothing. Many people find that in fact they take their stress … Read more

Beyond seeing the mind in terms of illness and wellness

I’ve often been struck how strong is the conventional tendency to describe life in terms of illness and wellness. Now, on the level of physical illness, this can make great sense. However, I’m often left wondering, from a holistic and developmental perspective, whether it is quite so useful from a mind and awareness perspective. I’ve recently been designing some material for a client and one of these has been on the subject of mental health. While it’s an area I’m personally very interested in, and in which I passionately care about making a difference, I’m also aware of how much the field … Read more

It’s hard overcoming low self esteem after a knock to confidence

It’s a big challenge for people at present in these difficult times, maintaining self belief, confidence and self esteem in the face of knock-backs and rejections. I’m thinking particularly of job seekers, but it can also apply to the self employed and to those with financial difficulty, illness or other challenges that life can seemingly throw at us. Overcoming low self esteem in the face of difficulty can feel like it’s too much, particularly if your self esteem wasn’t that great to begin with. It doesn’t help when you get a bad day. If you keep getting bad hair days, … Read more

Choose to develop well-being through a positive mind

Recently I have been using some short breaks to catch up on some over-due reading (tip to people developers: always have a recently-published book on your subject on the go) and I’ve been reading Martin Seligman’s recent book “Flourish“. Positive Psychology has lots in common with our approach, distinguishing between focusing on work that explores the negative and the positive approach which is about learning to shift your state and develop capability in that which uplifts you. Seligman advocates teaching skills that help you grow strengths and resiliency. He believes, backed up by a lot of research, that one can … Read more