In the end is a beginning

There’s a poignancy to autumn at this time, damp, wet, a chill in the air, sun shining low through golden leaves that cling forlornly to thinning trees. The summer is replaced by autumn and winter beckons. All is decaying – but then all is also preparing for the next spring. The end of October is, it is said, a time when the veils between the two worlds are thinner, at the time of the feast of Samhain. No wonder many often choose to leave. This time of ending, of closure, is a sad time, but it can also contain the … Read more

Hope springs eternal and every spring is a reminder

The arrival of spring is a reminder of that phrase, hope springs eternal. As this long winter is now evidently drawing to a close, the buds and spring flowers are opening and the birds are singing, and we reach that time in the cycle when spring is opening up and thus the seasons usher in new hope.  So too people feel more hopeful about new ideas and new possibilities. As Alexander Pope wrote in An Essay on Man: Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never Is, but always To be blest: The soul, uneasy and confin’d from home, … Read more

What is the real reason for not taking action?

In this blog on Mondays, we consider beginnings, the start of something, getting something going, initiating. I always think it is rather appropriate, given how for many of us Mondays are not people’s favourite day. Not surprising since there’s perhaps that memory of going back to school or going back to work, so we may have a certain reluctance associated with Monday. So, how do you feel about beginnings? Would beginnings be seen as an effort? In previous blog postings, I’ve written about whether we tend to look forward to things with pleasure or curiosity or enthusiasm, or whether there’s … Read more

A time for new beginnings

The new year is often a time for new beginnings. Except that somehow the old baggage still hangs around. Often I find that when the celebrations are over and people are getting back to their everyday lives, the same old issues are still there for them. Except that somehow this time of year has a way of pushing them into our face. Thus people are often depressed as they move into January. The most depressed time of year is allegedly Blue Monday in January, which an academic in Cardiff calculated to be the last Monday before pay day. So, have … Read more