How do we keep our cool while everybody else is losing theirs

How do we keep our cool right now? How do we stay connected to who we are and yet also deal with the s**t that goes on in the world? It’s a very pertinent question in a world going seemingly mad. It’s a question many ask and struggle to come up with answers. Do we sit and meditate and gaze on the world in a non-attached way like the all-knowing guru or do we beat our hearts out trying to change it all and end up harming ourselves? After all, some say, it’s going to carry on like this, so … Read more

If only thinking keeps us chained to the past

If something has gone wrong or we think we’ve failed at something there’s the “if only” game: “if only I had gone that way rather than this”, “if only I had listened”, “if only I hadn’t done that deal”, and so on. There’s always some scenario that we can think of that was better than what we actually did that we can mull over as we rue the results of our actions or inactions. Living in “if” is another way of not being in the present moment. Like worry, we imagine some alternative to what’s occuring but this time it … Read more

Not being attached to what you want

At work, desire is rampant. You want to please your boss, to get a promotion, to get a rise, to impress colleagues, to be well-regarded, to win that contract, to make more money, etc. Desire is something of a paradox to seekers of inner peace as we also have needs to satisfy in order to live. And at work, there we are busy earning money in order to do that. So it sounds reasonable. I guess one way of looking at this whole matter is to separate out everyday functioning to support ourselves and others. As Zen monks were told, … Read more

This too shall pass

What happens when you’re on it, when you are caught up in your own drama? When you’re having a sleepless night, when worry has got a hold, when you seem unable to let go of what’s got to you, when you’re fuming, when there’s a crisis and it seems endless. After a while it might well seem as though it is endless, as though that’s all there is, that that is how life is, that’s what life is. We tend to normalise what’s going on currently, as if that is the reality. When it isn’t. This too shall pass. It … Read more

It’s really all change, make no mistake

I’ve been struck how this “Great Recession” is following previous ones in bringing in train a whole lot of change. And people don’t like change. It’s got that feel about it of feeling on uncertain ground, as if it might move at any moment. You might just have got used to one set of new circumstances when along come some more. The landmarks seem uncertain, the direction unclear. One particular one many of us are all too aware of is the drip-feed of announcements and rumours in many European countries that pensions in the future will not be like they … Read more