If we’re open to the emergence of the next possibility of who we are

Today is a beautiful day. Pale blue sky, daffodils appearing, snow drops en masse, people walking about in the afternoon slightly warm sun. A true hint of spring and our first warmer weather after a long, cold winter. It can feel like it’s an emergence out of hibernation, a new freedom in the air, and birds singing everywhere. There’s a sense of no going back: it’s finally arrived and is happening and whatever may seem to be occurring henceforth, we know that it is not nowhere but now here. A bit like life perhaps. It can seem like the status … Read more

Being very attached to how we want things to be

There can be a pattern in human functioning to get locked into certain positions, opinions or ways of doing things that limits us. A key desirable emotionally intelligent attribute for people in today’s world of work for example is flexibility. Yet as people get older or get attached to a particular set of circumstances, they can lose flexibility and thus lack options and alternatives for doing things. In particular it can be a liability for someone in for example resisting change, and thus get moved on by others who need support for change. To see that you lack flexibility can … Read more

Taking responsibility

How often was it said to you as a child or teenager, “Grow up”? Has anybody said it to you as an adult, even? Have you noticed how youngsters make a shift when they suddenly seem to mature? One moment there’s somebody complaining about life, circumstances, other people, you; the next they dropped that and are doing something about it themselves. They look different, their expression changes, they sound more positive, and things happen differently. They take responsibility. In relationship, one partner is complaining about the other not doing enough about the house and there’s a racket going on: one … Read more