Memory of our past affects the present

It’s a bit strange, still working while others are clearly off on their holidays. I usually have my summer break at another time. Yet I clearly have deeply ingrained within me those childhood memories of packing suitcases, loading the family car (there was only one then!) and at very long last heading out along that seemingly very long road that went on for ever until we finally reached our Cornish farm as the sun was setting (there was always sun) and met familiar faces from previous visits and resumed old games. How many of us have these powerful pulls of … Read more

Reflecting on the deep and meaningful in our life

For many peoples of the world, the weekend is a time of rest, that is if you can afford the time off. It is in many cultures a day of religious observance and family time. But in our western culture, does it feel like a time of rest? For how many of us is it still hectic, driven, with no time? And how much do we allow for a time when we can reflect on and be present with ourselves in any deeper and more meaningful ways? For some no doubt the question is irrelevant, for others perhaps a matter … Read more