How to have self confidence when you don’t know where you are going

Bit difficult, not knowing where you’re going, or what you are about, and still have confidence in your endeavours! It’s a bit of a “chicken-and-egg” question, which comes first? Yet the question of how to have self confidence when things aren’t clear offers important opportunities for insight into your creative potential. When starting out on a new project, whatever that is, it’s well known that it helps to get clear what your vision and purpose is. Your vision would be some description of the end result and what it will feel and look like. The vision needs to match your … Read more

Hope faith and trust in possibility feels limited at present

After the euphoria of the Olympics people in the UK seem to be returning to the doom-and-gloom of diminished expectations and lowered hopes, if barometers of consumer expectations such as indices of confidence are to go by. Intially, after the 2008-9 slump people carried on spending to a degree in the hope of a recovery but 4 years on and it seems people are becoming resigned to things staying the same. So what might this be telling us of our levels of hope faith and trust in possibility, and how much does this economic climate translate into how we think … Read more

Do you feel under pressure to be doing more with less?

Do you feel under pressure to be doing more with less? And is that leading you to be questioning your future in your work? It probably isn’t surprising to read that many people would probably like a change of work, but don’t feel able in the current climate to perhaps take the risk. Yet, thinking like  that shows up the fact that motivation at work is not what it needs to be. It can take a lot to take action and make a move. So, what is it that gets us off our butt and go to all that trouble … Read more

Create vision and purpose that empowers you

It’s a very important question, if you are serious about it, but one many duck away from. Vision and purpose are usually topics left to corporate circles, except that they are also ones that concern people in their own lives too. Not everybody of course is turned on by such matters and there are those for example for whom life is more about who they are with and the lifestyle they lead, to give two contrasting examples. Yet today people are increasingly looking for meaning, what they want to get from their lives, living and fulfilling their dream, and accomplishing … Read more

An inspiring vision that you feel impelled to make a reality

Vision and purpose are those things that you hear businesses talk about about, often rather glibly, but it doesn’t figure so much with individuals. When I ask people about this, they often say they “don’t know”, although if we dig around a bit then they come up with certain specific, often short-term material desires for the future. Purpose usually draws a blank. This is quite serious given how insecure many jobs are in today’s climate. Now you could say that in itself describes a vision by default, which might be limited to one of survival, and perhaps people are thinking … Read more

How abuse of power pollutes

These last few days have presented us with another of those times when suddenly a whole perspective on public life has shifted. The hacking scandal and increasing exposure of the activities of the Murdoch empire in the UK has resulted in an online mass campaign against News International (NI), pressure to hold up if not halt his full take-over of BSkyB and thus his hold over broadcasting, criticism of the close connection between NI and the Prime Minster through his web of personal contacts, the alleged bribery of the Met Police, and major questions about the ethics of journalism when … Read more

Challenged by your vision

Is getting what you really want proving to be a challenge? When our aspirations are not being matched by what is actually occurring, when what we are getting is not what we want, when all sorts of barriers seem to keep appearing across the path to our goals, when even the goal itself seems to be throwing up all kinds of issues, when we feel frustrated or restricted, when we so deeply want to achieve our vision and therefore feel so much about what appears to be getting in the way, we may feel challenged even by the vision we … Read more

Envisioning plenty – especially when we don’t feel like we’ve got it

Let’s for a moment envision the very best outcome for our lives that we can imagine. Do you have a picture or thought about how you would ideally like your life to be? Let’s take a moment to think about this. You could even write it down if you want. Just go for it, writing spontaneously. See what comes up: Think about say 3 year’s time. Where are you? What are you doing? Look around at the scene. What does it look like? How do you feel? What are you thinking? What is going on in your life that’s positive? … Read more